Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's Time For A Change

Well its been a while since I have been regularly posting on here and I must say I have missed it. Honestly the reason I stopped is because I got uninspired, I felt that my content wasn't what I enjoyed writing about anymore and in order to not fake my way through the chore of writing something I no longer enjoyed I stopped to re think where I felt the future of my blog is going. It poses the question most employers ask that makes you rethink your whole existence... 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' Do I still see myself writing beauty reviews for views? Giving tips to problems I don't fully understand? Mimicking the basic blogger formula to success? Because if you think about it what's the point. The realisation that most of the blogs I read are starting to look the same, sound the same, be the same scares me as I don't want to fall in to that hole. So I decided to dig a little deeper and figure out what I like, what inspires me, what fills me with absolute comfort and satisfaction that would never grow tired. So I stopped blogging and decided to live my life not through anyone elses lens but my own, my own mind, my own space and truly explore and discover the world I live in. By doing so I realised I'm a curious mind; I love to travel, explore, find new places, experience new things, meet new people. It's what makes me happy. Not only has this experience opened my eyes to parts about me I didn't realise but it has also cemented traits I already new i.e my love for fashion and makeup, the ability to change my look on a daily basis to reflect my mood and personality is a powerful thing.

So I have decided to cleanse my blog, I changed its name, its URL to a name I deemed more appropriate and from this day forth I will be starting a new series of blog posts that I am very excited to share.

Thank you for all of you that stayed during my hiatus and to all of you new people to come I hope you enjoy my new content.


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