Sunday, 22 November 2015

fLash Lash Growth Challenge

 Yeah I've been gone a while, as any of you guys applying for uni as well November is a very stressful period so I thought I would take a little hiatus.

Now if you have read my fLash Initial Review you would know that I had been challenged to use these lash growth serum for 12 weeks, if you haven't  I suggest you do so you can properly see my before photos. I can now say that it in fact really works!

I started to see a significant difference in length after 6 weeks with my outer lashes, after 8 weeks I started to notice it throughout. After finishing the 12 weeks I found that not only did my lashes grow they also curled a lot more which I was very happy about. If you are thinking of using it don't be discouraged by the fact that it took me 6 weeks to really notice any change, this could be down to the fact that I had long lashes to begin with so I couldn't really distinguish whether it was my original length or not.

I noticed my lash growth with mascara on before I saw it natural as I had to change my mascara technique to work with my new longer, curlier lashes. On the left I am wearing one coat of mascara and on the right I am wearing two, this is so you can see the max length I am able to get. I am so impressed with how they look with mascara on, they look false which is what I was hoping for.

 (Left: one coat of mascara, Right: two coats of mascara)

Overall I can proudly say this works wonders and I recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their lashes. If you would like to get it their website has launched! I know very exciting. It costs $45, I know it may seem a little pricey but for the results its definitely worth it. Follow fLash on their TwitterInstagram and Facebook to see other peoples reviews. If you have tried it tweet me a picture, I would love to see your lash growth journey.

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