Monday, 5 October 2015

Taboo Or Not Taboo That Is The Question

Yes as the title suggest I am going to be talking about a topic that isn't really talked about, it's seen as a bit awkward to discuss even though it affects every female ever, and that my friend is feminine hygiene (insert gasps here). I know it seems like a rather random/awkward topic but should it be? I mean every female goes through it, every female has to deal with it so why is it seen as such a no go area. As a young adult I remember my first time dealing with a period and I like probably everyone else at that time was super confused and had no clue what was available, I just got the cheapest sanitary towels because in my head what's the point in buying expensive luxurious ones when they are just going to get ruined anyway (probably less expensive then having to buy new trousers). I didn't take into account my flow, how good the brand/product was and my feminine hygiene was just down to what shower gel I had, this is apparently bad as it upsets the area's natural pH balance. This uneducated confusion steamed from that fact that it is not talked about, not being promoted and it being seen as such an embarrassing topic that people are too afraid to ask.

Companies like SASS and Pink Box are starting to break societies taboo inflicted conventions and develop products that not only look pretty but make this topic more fashionable desensitising the world so hopefully one day in the future we can talk about feminine hygiene products the same way we talk about a shower gel or a body lotion.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service that gives you not only everything you need during your period but also gifts, goodies and chocolate! I thought this was an excellent idea as I'm the type of person who always forgets to buy more tampons and come on who doesn't want a box full of beauty goodies and chocolate every month. For those of you with a heavy flow like me and feels like they wont put enough tampons in think again, in the box I received 24 tampons and there is also a feminine hygiene product that comes in it too, in this one I got the SASS Purifying Cleanser. Your first box costs £7.95 and after that it is £12.99 a month including delivery, so in compare that to the fact that you are getting beauty products from well known brands like OPI, Elizebeth Ardan and SASS this box totals up WAY above that price.

On the website you can tailor your box to all of your needs including flow, period date (if your irregular like moi just say the 1st) tampon or towel preference as well as brand choice. So simple!

SASS is a feminine hygiene brand which not only does an amazing job catering for all sorts of necessities like shaving, cleaning, sports ect. it also looks beautiful. SASS products were made to look like your average shower gel/body lotion (well much prettier) so you don't feel embarrassed having it in the shower, the actual word 'intimate' is small so the average Joe walking into your bathroom shouldn't suspect a thing. These are some of there samples, I wasn't originally going to show them but the art work is just too beautiful not to. SASS currently sell at Boots if you were thinking of purchasing or looking into them in store but of course you can also find them on their website.

So as you can see there are brands out there welcoming the idea of feminine hygiene to the market and hopefully this will make people stop thinking of it as this awkward subject and just accept it as the norm because every female goes through it, its not like its some big secret so why should it be seen as weird. I think this is such an interesting topic that I would love to carry on the conversation in the comments, what are your views on the subject?, did you know about these brands/products?

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