Thursday, 8 October 2015

Madison Reed Hair-o-Scope

Anyone who knows me knows that I love quizzes and horoscopes. I am constantly on Buzzfeed checking new updates to see if I am an undercover psychopath or if they can guess my favourite food with just 2 questions (yeah I'm addicted). In the spiraling worm hole of quizzes on the internet I came across Madison Reed's Hair-o-Scope (this is your hair prediction based on your star sign), I of course got very excited and had to share my results with you guys!

'Tousled and Untamed' I couldn't have said it better myself haha. This is so accurate! I love having my hair all wild with a bit of frizz and fluff, I am so lucky having really thick hair as I can achieve this style so easily. If you want to see my natural hair stages or want to know more information about it look at my Wash Day Routine Post

If you want to find out your Hair-o-Scope look at this website. Tell me what you get in the comments!

I'm thinking about dying my hair soon (I know very exciting) and what I didn't realise is Madison Reed is a hair dye company. When looking at it them in more depth I found out they have a Hair Dye Adviser page (ooh quiz) which asks you a list of questions including hair type (straight, coily, curly), skin tone (warm or cold) ect to recommend you the best hair dye they provide directly suited for you needs. I think that's pretty cool and I am so happy a commercial hair dye company takes into account hair type because us curly/coily girls need some love too.

As well as commenting what Hair-o-Scope you got tell me what hair colour you think I should go, I'm thinking either dark red or purple ooh maybe a honey or chocolate brown ugh I am so bad with decisions (I need you guys).

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