Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lab2 Strokes of Genius Brush Kit

With my makeup looks I always make sure to say what products I use but I don't usually mention the brushes, this is purely down to the fact that it uses more space and I tend to use the same brushes on similar styles of looks i.e theatrical or beauty etc. Today I thought I would share with you the brushes I have been currently loving for creating my theatrical makeup looks and that is the Lab2 Strokes of Genius Brush Kit

As you can see the kit comes with 5 brushes, at the back of the box it has a handy 'How To Use Me' section explaining simply how to use the brushes in the kit with words as well as with diagrams, this would be very helpful to people unfamiliar with certain brushes or just makeup in general. 

The brushes itself are such great quality, they don't shed, they feel good and most importantly they are easy to work with. I am quite fussy with my brow and liner brushes, I feel those brushes have to be perfect in order for your application to be its best. If a liner or brow brush are too soft and flimsy this is ends up being harder to work with however if they are too firm they end up being too restricting. What I love about this kit is the fact that their brushes are the perfect happy medium, you can really see a big difference with application especially with the liner brush as it is so precised. 

I have been using these brushes a lot in my Horror Month looks to really get the detail I need. If you feel no matter how hard you try you can't make your make up look as good as the countless people on Instagram it's possibly down to the brushes your using. I definitely recommend getting this kit, it retails at £18.99 at Superdrug.

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