Saturday, 3 October 2015

Horror Month: Dead Person

I am so excited to finally share my first Horror Month look in preparation for Halloween, this is my favourite genre of makeup to do so I have been waiting a while to show you guys my passion. I strive to make myself look as horrible and grotesque as I possibly can so I looked at multiple images of people with beaten up faces, broken noses, black eyes etc. to make my dead person look as realistic and detailed as possible (I really went to town). The majority of this look I use just plain eyeshadows and fake blood, the only special effecty thing I used was liquid latex on some tissue to create my slit neck and a couple of scabs on the face. If you would like a tutorial or me to show you how to create this look without liquid latex just let me know and I will.
If you are new here and want to look cute for fancy dress or halloween here is a list of pretty theatrical looks I created last month (click here). Now for you hardcore gore loving weirdos look forward to this month because every Saturday I will be bringing you a new look.


Black Eye: I used a little bit of purple eyeshadow on a shadow brush and shaded underneath the eye socket to emphasis bags, I then made sure to build up that colour slowly and add patches of a darker purple to  look like bruising, I then patted on a little bit of fake blood to create some inconsistencies within the eyeshadow. I then added a light hue of purple eyeshadow to the eyelid to make it look irritated and I lastly really messily added some gel liner to the lash line and smudged it out to look like it has just smeared off. I know it sounds all really confusing but once you look at a picture of a black eye you will get what I mean.

Broken Nose: Using a white eye pencil I lightly sketched out how I wanted my nose to look making sure to make it look really dented and uneven. I then used purple eyeshadow to shade around the sides and to create depth I added a little bit of brown in certain areas like the dent. I then added some purple  and red eyeshadow underneath the nose to make it look irritated and bruised, I lastly added some fake blood mixed with gel liner to the outer part of the nostril and dripped it down.

Busted Lip: This was quite simple I just rubbed in pale nude lip, added splodges of purple eyeshadow to look like bruising and lastly a mixture of fake blood and gel liner to certain areas to act as cuts or look like my mouth was bleeding

Scab: I put some liquid latex on one ply of ripped kitchen roll and stuck it down on the area and waited for it to dry. Once dry I shaded it with purple and brown eyeshadow and used some tweezers to lift a section up to make it look like its peeling. Lastly I added a little bit of fake blood.

Slit Throat: Using the same technique I used in the scab I layered liquid latex and ripped kitchen roll where I wanted my slit to be (3 layers) and waited for it to become tacky. I then used tweezers to rip and form the cut area and waited for it to fully dry. Once dry  I applyed black gel liner to the inside and used a foundation slightly lighter than my skin tone to colour the latex and then used purple eyeshadow to shade the outside, lastly I added the fake blood to the inside (do not drench it) and I dripped some blood down my neck.

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Black Gel Liner: Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner (Black)
Nude Lipstick: Sleek (Barely There)
Brown + Purple ShadowSleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Fake Blood : Poundland (it was a bit red so I mixed it with gel liner)
Liquid Latex : Amazon
White LinerNYX Slim Eye Liner Pencil (White Pearl)

I hope you liked this look, I know the tutorial is really confusing because its quite hard to say in words, if you would like me to do a video tutorial in the future let me know and I will once I get my laptop working smooth. 

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