Monday, 19 October 2015

Argan Dew

I am sorry I only posted once last week, it has been a hectic time with sorting out all this uni stuff so I had to give myself time to sort that out (school first). Don't worry though because I am putting out 2 Horror Month posts this week to make up for it and I will be back to my normal schedule next week.

This week I thought I would give you a combined post and present you with a hair review. Argan Dew kindly sent me some of their samples to try out and I have been so excited to use them ever since I got my weave out. Argan Dew is a hair care company who make their products using argan oil, I have never really tried argan oil before but I have heard such great things from people with a variety of hair types and its been one of those things where I just never got around to getting it hence my excitement.

For oils I usually use coconut oil but lately I haven't felt like it was doing much for my hair, I don't know if it has gotten used to it or what but it hasn't been giving my hair the same life as it did at the start of my journey. This oil is AMAZING! It is quite thick so it smooths out my hair really well and keeps my curls looking coily without giving it instant shrinkage. When smoothing this through out my hair I saw the frizz I usually get at the front of my hair go and I was able to get my hair flatter than I could before, baring in mind I have thick hair this blew my mind. I am definitely purchasing the full bottle of this and no doubt you will see it re appearing in future hair posts.

If you have read my Wash Day Routine post you know that I always use a hair mask. I always think it is vital to use one especially if your like me and always use shampoos when washing. I left this mask on for 2 hours. After washing it out my hair detangled a lot easier and my hair also felt a lot lighter and springier which was a nice feeling however my hair didn't feel as soft as I am used to after using masks which is a shame because that would have been the icing on the cake for me. 

Overall I really loved Argan Dew's Miraculous Argan Oil and I am definitely going to buy the full bottle. If you would like to look at or even purchase any of the products I mentioned go on to Argan Dew's website, if you use the code argandew you can get any of their products for 20% off.

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