Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Yungskin Review

It is getting quite cold, wet and wintery in England even though Autumn hasn't even started. As the weather gets colder my skin quickly turns from fairly normal to dry and crusty which sucks so I always have to make sure that I moisturise everyday, even make sure I have some sort of cream to take with me just in case I end up turning into dust. Yungskin have kindly sent me a variety of creams, and what better time to test their moisture then on my wintery skin.

Yungskin is the worlds first skincare product based on principles of Homeopathy and Acupuncture (don't worry no pricks or needles are involved haha). Yungskin apparently stimulates the Acupuncture points of the skin traditionally used for face lifting, their products are typically known for their anti aging properties, rejuvenating and regenerating skin cells, reducing appearance of blemishes and also improving skin tone. I know this may seem pretty daunting but its okay because Yungskin uses organic and natural ingredients so no harsh chemicals are being used on your skin. 


Yungskin Face Cream comes in two variations; rich and light. Light is a great simple day moisturiser,  it leaves your skin feeling hydrated which is great. If you have normal, combination the Light would be really good as it feels fairly neutral, if you have oily skin like me you can get away with it in winter climates but if its warm or hot you may start to produce oils. Rich is another good simple moisturiser but its a little heavier that light in terms of it containing more essential oils and is said to be used a night time moisturiser. If you had mature, combination or dry skin the Night would work well and those with dry skin could even get away with wearing it during the day. The images below are of the samples I was sent, you see the proper packaging on their website.


Yungskin Foot Balm is much lighter than I was expecting, I was expecting it to be quite thick like Burts Bees which I didn't like so I was very glad that it was a nice creamy consistency. The cream itself is quite good as I briefly said before I have tried foot creams and balms that have just sat on top of the skin and just made my foot feel really gross but this absorbed very quickly into the skin, my foot feels hydrated and the tops of my feet even feels soft when using it. I would definantely get this again once I have finished this tub, my mum also loves using it.


So the packaging of this hand cream is really pleasing me right now; it is a good enough size that it can be carried around in your handbag, it is really sturdy so it wont spill cream in said handbag and it has a pump so you wont get any crusty hand cream on the sides. So it is basically ticking all the boxes of anyone's hand cream packaging needs. The cream itself feels like your standard hand cream, if you like the brand Simple you will like this. It smells really nice and citrusy, this works perfect as a handy travel hand cream for moisture top ups more than having as a main hand cream.

Overall Yungskin reminds me a lot of the brand Simple because it feels like it's not doing any fancy business (even though the acupuncture points may beg to differ). All of the Yungskin creams I have tried absorb really quickly into the skin and they feel like one of those creams that you can just slap on in the morning and go about your day not having to worry about it which is great if your working or are going to school/college/uni/what ever student thing you do. If you wish to purchase the items listed, look more into the products or even just check out the brand go on to the Yungskin website and you will be able to do all of those great things.

*This product was provided for an honest review please read my disclaimer for further details 

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