Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wash Day Routine- Autumn 2015

So after a month of having a weave I have realised weave life really isn't for me right now, I miss combing and twisting my natural hair (never thought I would be saying that) so yes now my hair is back from hibernation expect hair posts every Thursday. After removing the weave my hair was incredibly dirty (it was so gross) so I thought what a perfect time to show you guys my wash day routine. If you have straight hair or not familiar with the natural/curly community, washing our hair literally takes a whole day, its a lot of time, effort, its really exhausting but its all worth it in the end (kinda like child birth..kidding).

In this walk through I will be going through each stage from washing to moisturising and styling giving you mini product reviews a long the way. So sit back cause this is going to be a long post. Just a disclaimer I do have two different textures in my hair, the front has much more of a stretched curl pattern (3C) to the rest of my hair (type 4), it has always been like that since birth I have no clue where it came from but hey there you go. Oh and also I am fully black of Jamaican decent (my grand parents), I don't know if that is of some relevance to my hair type but If you were curious there you go.

To wash my big fro I use Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo and Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner. I have always loved using Tresemme, its always been an old reliable in my family and is the only 'mainstream' hair brand that I have found that works with my hair type. I love the Tresemme Salon Silk shampoo, it promotes my natural curls and takes away frizz, I also really like Tresemme's Keratin smooth range as my hair always feels super soft and moisturised. 

For my Deep Treatment I am using Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Caster Oil Treatment Masque. I really like using this product because it is quite heavy so it really coats every single strand, it leaves my hair feeling really fluffy, soft and healthy plus it smells SO GOOD, like brown sugar. I first really make sure to saturate my hair with this, then I section my hair making sure to twist each section then coil the twist into a bantu knot, I then either use a clear plastic sandwich bag or I wrap my hair with cling film and lastly put on a shower cap to keep the heat in. I leave this on for about 4-6 hours, because its so heavy it doesn't drip so you can do so many things within those hours without the constant annoyance. After leaving it on for a couple hours I wash it out with warm water to reveal soft fluffy hair.

To moisturise my hair I use two products, Shea Moistures Jamaican Black Caster Oil Leave in Conditioner and Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I know the Curl enhancing Smoothie isn't originally for moisture but it leaves my hair so soft and manageable and works really well on a day to day basis as it doesn't revert my hair after keeping it stretched. I use the Leave in Conditioner only after washing as it gives my hair moisturiser however in the process it does cause my hair to revert and shrink so to prevent that I put my hair in Bantu Knots and leave it to air dry. 

As my hair has two different hair types (3C in the front and Type 4 in the middle and back) in order for them to look the same length I have to stretch my hair. If you don't know what stretching it, it is basically a way of me getting rid of some shrinkage without using heat. To do this I section my hair, comb it through and apply Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus Infused Shea Butter, I then brush that through to get a even coverage and then twist my hair (I flat twist the thicker sections). I leave that over night or until I plan on styling it to go outside. I do this during the week as well to keep my hair moisturised and maintained.

Recently I have been loving frizz, before my weave used to make sure my hair was all perfectly curly, constantly doing styled twist outs, no frizz to be seen but now I have just been loving that 'typical afro' (rolls eyes) look. So styling has been pretty simple all I have been doing is just using my stretched hair in different looks. Another thing I have been loving of late is half up half down styles, as my hair is at quite an awkward length this allows me the enjoyment or having my hair out. 2 of the looks I have done this week have been:

And that is my WHOLE routine, I know its a long one but I hope it has been helpful. As you can tell I really love the brand Shea Moisture, they have come up in my other hair posts in the past and now they have basically saturated this one haha. Shea Moisture is an American brand so it is usually quite hard to find in the UK HOWEVER Shea Moisture is coming to Boots in October (screams) I know I know very exciting, no longer will I have to track down there products I can just pop to Boots, the struggle has indeed ended. 

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