Monday, 21 September 2015

Little Ondine Review

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to Bloggers Fashion Week, it was an amazing event and I met so many great bloggers and brands. One of the brands I fell in love with was Little Ondine, they are a nail polish company who specialise in making odour free, peelable nail polishes. I really loved the whole concept from the moment they told me so Little Ondine sent me their nail polishies Sweet Lacquer* and Silence*. I just had try it out and see if their products are as amazing as they sound.

Little Ondine as I said before specialise in odour free, peelable nail polishes that contain natural ingredients and is free from any harmful chemicals. The formula is made with water and natural resin which forms a colour layer on the nail. The nail vanishes are said to require about 2-3 coats making sure that you clean up any edges before it dries, this is so it won't peel as easily. The peelable element is really what intrigued me, I have always liked the idea of speeding up the removal time however I have always thought that if it is peelable won't it just peel off during the day? To combat my multitude of questions I just went on ahead and tried it to see what its all about.

(left to right): Sweet Liquor, Silence

The instructions say to wash and thoroughly dry your nails to make sure you get rid of all the excess oils and dust that might be lingering on the nail to increase the longevity of the nail polish, you can use soap and water or an alcohol pad. I used an alcohol pad because it dries much quicker and I like my nail vanish process to be as quick as possible. After that I applied 2 coats of Sweet Lacquer waiting about 2-3 minutes between each coat for the nail polish to completely dry (I do this with all my nail polishes). This process was super quick, it took me about 15 minutes from cleaning the nail to applying my nail vanish and waiting for my nails to completely dry to a point where I  could do anything with my nails and it wouldn't smudge.

The drying time was so quick I was so shocked with how quick it was, it took 3-5 minutes for my nail vanish to become completely bone dry. Sweet Liquor was so shiny I couldn't even tell if it was still wet or not, the colour is such a beautiful stone colour which I have been loving as part of my muted/nude nail polish collection which I will be sharing in early November so look forward to that.


One thing I really really liked about this nail polish is the application brush, it is very thick and wide and reminds me of the brushes to find in Essence's nail polishes (another nail brand I love), the reason I like them so much is that you can do one sweep on the nail and you get a solid coat all over which again cuts down on so much time. This lasted me a good 2 days before it peeled off, for those of you who want really long lasting nail vanish this is not for you but if you're like me and have always wanted to go for a different colour everyday to switch up your look but cannot be bothered to wait so long with the removal process or the nail application process then this is PERFECT. It is now my life's mission to buy as many colours as I can so that I can be in a position where I could switch to a different colour everyday and because it is so quick, easy and odourless I feel like I would be in a position to even do it on the train.

Little Ondine also kindly sent me their matte top coat Silence* as well which I actually squealed at when I got it, I have wanted a good matte top coat for so long because I love the way they look especially in the Autumn/Winter months. Silence is peelable like the rest of Little Ondine's nail polishes and can be used on top of other nail polish brands as well (however it won't make them peelable). Silence dries within 3 minutes, as soon as your nail looks completely matte it generally means its good to go. Silence retails currently at £7.12 and Sweet Liquor  retails at £8.40.

So yes I am really looking forward to increasing my Little Ondine nail polish collection, if you are also intrigued and would like try them out for yourself you can find them on their website (look at their collections they are so cool)

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