Saturday, 1 August 2015

London Zoo

As I am turning 18 next week (oh my god no) my friends and I thought it would be cute to take a little day trip to London Zoo and re-live our childhood. Unfortunately there weren't any lions on show as they were refurbishing the exhibit however there were so many other cool animals. I don't have much to say about it other than the fact that I had a great time but boy was I tired after, there was so much walking but it was all well worth it.

I actually took this photo while the lemur was practically in front of me. This lemur enclosure was an immersive one so you were allowed inside to walk and see one up close, you weren't allowed to touch them of course but it was great for photography purposes and also being able to see them up close.

This Butterfly picture was taken in another immersive enclosure called Butterfly Paradise, it was humid in there to match their natural habitat but it was worth the frizz haha. There were such a range of butterfly colours and species, it was so pretty.


This was the only peacock I saw at the zoo, it looked so beautiful up close but its a shame it didn't open up is feathers. This was taken in one of their bird immersive enclosures.

Going to and from London Zoo we went through Regents Park, this is such a beautiful park I highly recommend going, there is this little garden path where there were lines of beautifully arranged flowers, statues and fountains and it definitely looked very regal and British. There were also tonnes of field area for a picnic so if you were going to eat before going to London Zoo this would be a cute way to do so.

I hope you liked this post, as you can see my day was catered towards seeing the animals and nothing much else, it was quite a tiring day but seeing every single animal was really cool, afterwards we had a little wander around Regents Park and went home so there wasn't much else to photograph, if you want to see more day trips do let me know.

Have you been to London Zoo?

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