Monday, 6 July 2015

Essence Lip Liners

So I went on a makeup budget binge and bought a whole bunch of new stuff including Essence's Lip Liners. I originally went to Essence to get some nail vanishes however I thought I would try out what else they sold. As I have been buying more lipstick colours as of late I thought I would try out some of their lip pencils, as soon as I swatched a tester I realised how amazing they were and bought 5 colours.  I swatched these as soon as I got home so I could wear them the next day and it was really hot, sunny day so I apologise in advance for my sweaty, shiny face.

The colours they have are amazing, they have your standard typical lip liner colours like red, plum ect however they also have some beautiful interesting colours that you would expect to have to find at MAC. All their lip liners are extremely pigmented, matte  with a creamy texture allowing the pencil to glide on to your lips, after about a minute it settles and becomes perfectly matte (still not drying and doesn't extenuate any cracks) making the colour last all day even on its own and through eating. All these amazing traits for only £1. 

This is a beautiful deep red, a great way of adding sophistication to a look. I have owned a few similar lip pencils to this however they all seemed to have more of a purple undertone to them, this doesn't have that so it could be used to darken any red that you find is too bright or light for you. I think this would be perfect for darker and warmer skin tones especially with that summer glow.

This is one of Essences more unique lip liner colours. Honey Berry is a purple with pink undertones, I love this colour I wear it out on its own quite a lot and it also looks really nice underneath Makeup Revolution's lipstick in Criminal. I like the fact that it is not bright so you could wear this whenever you want without any fuss or worry.

 This is another one of Essences more unique lip pencil colours. This is a light mauve colour that reminds me a lot of stone for some reason. I love this colour I wear it a lot because it just gives a little something extra to a natural look. This liner looks very nice under MACs lipstick in Twig. This colour also looks nice when you are wearing no other makeup on which is great.

 This is your typical red lip liner, its not too bright which I like so it is very universal with the type of red lipstick you can put on top.

 Cute Pink is another unique lip liner colour they have. It is a very cute babydoll pink colour that isn't too pale or bright. I think this will work well with toning down pink lipsticks that are too light and also really work well with adding a nice effect to a nude lipstick.

I hope you liked this review, you can buy Essence at any Wilko's shop, go on to their website to see where you can get them near you. 

Which colour is your favourite?

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