Friday, 26 June 2015

Ponds Cold Cream Review

I found this product in my mum's skin care basket and have been blown away with the results it gives, she has definantely been holding out haha. Ponds Cold Cream is cleansing cream that can be used to remove makeup (including waterproof mascara), deep cleans your face and also as a face mask, when I saw it removes makeup I got super excited because I have never owned a makeup removing cream or balm before and have always wanted to try one out. It retails at £3.29 at Boots for a 50ml   and £7.99 at Amazon for a 100ml however they also can be found in your local Superdrugs,Tesco and Sainsbury's.

I really wanted to put the Cold Creame to the test so I decided to wear thick liner, blush, contour & highlight, lipstick, lip gloss, mascrara and brow gel. More information about this look in my next face of the day (fotd) post.

I put on more cream than required in the below picture so that the camera could pick it up better. Under normal circumstances you don't need an excessive amount just enough to cover the face, it should feel like a moisturiser that you haven't properly rubbed in to the skin. Let it sit on your face for about a minute and use a damp cotton pad to remove, I like to dampen half of the pad so that the other side can be used for drying that same area. 

The results were amazing, the removal process was so quick and easy, my eyeliner was gone in one swipe of the cotton pad. My face and lips afterwards felt so smooth and soft, which gives the perfect canvas for makeup application. I used the Ponds Cold Cream when doing my Pink Lipstick Collection post and it was a savior it removed the really tough lipsticks that surely would have stained  if I had removed with just a makeup removal wipe, it also made such a great lip prep as lipstick application was so much smoother when using it. Overal this is now my favourite skin care item ever and now my face feels like a baby's butt.

I hope you liked this post, tell me in the comments what your favourite skin care product is

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