Monday, 8 June 2015

4 Easy Summer Hair Styles for Curly Girls

Throughout Spring and Summer so far I have really been experimenting with lots of different hair styles trying my hardest not to stick to my comfort zone. Just to note I have two different textured hair (I have no idea why I was just born like that) the bottom section of my hair is much thicker and collier then my top half.
What that you are about to see are some of my go to hairstyles because not only are they quick and easy but also you can change such little things about each of them like a plait or a bow and it will look like a different hairstyle.

All I do for this style is leave out a section where my fringe is going to be and then sweep the rest into a high ponytail (if you don't like fringes then you can sweep everything back, it is up to you). I then grab the ends of my pony tail and push it up until I get the shape I want for my bun then pin it down and tuck the ends of it under the body of your bun. This is great if you have short hair and feel that doing buns the conventional way looks too small and weird. After that I just added a head band I got from New Look to give it that summer time feel 

For this hairstyle I split my hair into two horizontal sections parting the hair around where my ears are. I then put the top section into a high ponytail and fanned it out to make it quite wide. so it lays nicely on the bottom section you have just left out. I then added a pretty hair band to the high ponytail just to add a bit off pizzazz. This is nice to wear in the day as well as on a night out.

For this hairstyle I kept the same sections as I did for the genie hairstyle (horizontally parting the hair into two sections starting around the ear area) however I added another section to the front of my head where my fringe area would go. I then split the middle section into a two further sections using a vertical parting around the center of my head. I then twisted each section into a ballet bun type thing making sure to keep it close to the center of my head and then secured it with a hair band (you could use ribbon to make it even cuter). With my fringe I decided to do a two strand twist but as I show later on you could just leave it out and it would look just as cute. This is one of my favourite hairstyles to do as of late, it is so quick and yet looks so cute.

This is basically the same idea and technique as the oversized bun but in this I just made the bun smaller, used a hair band to secure and then placed a bow scrunchy on top to make it cuter. This required no effort, takes me a couple of seconds to do so I tend to do this when either my hair is having a bad hair day and just decides not to work or when I am feeling really lazy.

And that is it my 4 really simple summer hair styles :) I hope you enjoyed this post let me know what you want me to do next on my blog in the comments

Lipstick: Makeup Revolution (Depraved) 
Earings: New Look
Hair accessories: New Look

What is your favourite hairstyle?

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