Tuesday, 30 June 2015


As I have said before London has very temperamental weather and last week we had a random cold day, this weather change inspired this look. When starting this look I knew I wanted to incorporate pale colours, purples/pinks and shimmer form there I just got doodling and the frosted look was born. I haven't used bold shimmer in a long time so it was nice to incorporate that in to this look. I hope you like it.

Shimmer Eyeshadow : Urban Decay Naked Palette (Bootycall+ Half Baked)
Deep Purple Eyeshadow through the crease: Sleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Highlighter +  Shadow Base: Becca Cream Eye Colour (Rose Gold)
Bronzer: MUA Bronzer (shade 3)
Blush: Chantecaille Blush (Thrill)
Black Gel Liner: Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner (Black)
BrowsSleek Brow Kit (Dark 818)
Lipstick: MAC (Twig) + MUA (Shade 6) in center

I hope you liked this frosty look, I know it is not fitting with summer but apparently it is winter in Australia so lets say this look is for them. Tell me what you would like to see next on my blog in the comments below I read them all.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

40's Summer

If you saw my Ponds Cold Cream Review you would have seen a sneak preview of this very look. I was going for a summery 40's inspired look using minimal products. I don't usually wear lipgloss I find it very hard to find one that is not sticky or one that feels quite natural but this lipgloss is not sticky thank god so I thought I would try it out in today's look.

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Blush:  Essence Blush Up (10 Heat Wave)
Black Gel Liner: Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner (Black)
BrowsSleek Brow Kit (Dark 818)
Lipstick: MAC (Vegas Volt)
LipglossEssence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss (1 Baby Doll's Favourite) 

I am now obsessed with this blush it really brightens up your face. I hope you liked this look, tell me in the comments what you would like to see next on my blog.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Ponds Cold Cream Review

I found this product in my mum's skin care basket and have been blown away with the results it gives, she has definantely been holding out haha. Ponds Cold Cream is cleansing cream that can be used to remove makeup (including waterproof mascara), deep cleans your face and also as a face mask, when I saw it removes makeup I got super excited because I have never owned a makeup removing cream or balm before and have always wanted to try one out. It retails at £3.29 at Boots for a 50ml   and £7.99 at Amazon for a 100ml however they also can be found in your local Superdrugs,Tesco and Sainsbury's.

I really wanted to put the Cold Creame to the test so I decided to wear thick liner, blush, contour & highlight, lipstick, lip gloss, mascrara and brow gel. More information about this look in my next face of the day (fotd) post.

I put on more cream than required in the below picture so that the camera could pick it up better. Under normal circumstances you don't need an excessive amount just enough to cover the face, it should feel like a moisturiser that you haven't properly rubbed in to the skin. Let it sit on your face for about a minute and use a damp cotton pad to remove, I like to dampen half of the pad so that the other side can be used for drying that same area. 

The results were amazing, the removal process was so quick and easy, my eyeliner was gone in one swipe of the cotton pad. My face and lips afterwards felt so smooth and soft, which gives the perfect canvas for makeup application. I used the Ponds Cold Cream when doing my Pink Lipstick Collection post and it was a savior it removed the really tough lipsticks that surely would have stained  if I had removed with just a makeup removal wipe, it also made such a great lip prep as lipstick application was so much smoother when using it. Overal this is now my favourite skin care item ever and now my face feels like a baby's butt.

I hope you liked this post, tell me in the comments what your favourite skin care product is

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pink Lipstick Collection

So apparently its National Pink Day in the US today and even though I am not American I thought it would be a fun way to inspire todays post. I have been wanting to do a Pink Lipstick Collection post for a while now but at the time I had done a lot of lipstick collection posts like my MUA Lipstick Collection, Makeup Revolution Lipstick Collection and my MUA Lux Lip Laquer Collection so I would give you guys a little bit of a break from all things lip related. I want to take a second to say that Ponds Cleansing Cream is the best thing for getting rid of tough lipstick so that really came in handy today, I will be doing a review on that next post. None of the swatches below have been edited in any way so you can see what the lipsticks really look like, I hope you enjoy.

(Left to Right)
Barry M (shade 52), Makeup Revolution (Crime), Illamasqua ( Eurydice), MUA (Shade 6),  
Sleek (Candy Cane), MAC (Party Parrot), Rimmel London Kate (Shade 5), 
MUA Lux Lip Laquer (Criminal)

Barry M's Shade 52 is a bright neon pink with a lilac undertone, it does look brighter in real life (look at swatch above) and I haven't seen a lipstick colour like it. Even though the colour is gorgeous there are many down sides to this lipstick, you have to make sure your lips are moisturised and soft to get a good application with this otherwise it can look chalky (people with naturally lighter lips could probably get away with it), you may also need to blend out certain areas with your fingers for a more even consistency. You cannot eat or drink with this lipstick on because you will need an instant touch up. So yeah it is not a practical lipstick by any means, probably only good for photos or situations where you don't have to eat or drink but you cannot deny the colour is beautiful, the pigmentation is great and I don't regret me buying it whatsoever. 

I have done a full review on this lipstick in my Makeup Revolution Lipstick Collection post

This is one of my favourite lipstick colours I own, it is a matte pink that stays on forever. The lipstick itself looks bright but as soon as you put it on you see it is fairly toned down pink and so can be worn for any occasion. 

I have done a review of this lipstick already in my MUA Lipstick Collection post

Sleek Candy Cane is a a really nice coral pink colour with a sheen finish. This like the Illamasqua Eurydice lipstick can be worn with any outfit for any occasion, very versatile. It has the longevity of any normal lipstick (4 hours with eating), has great pigmentation and is also very creamy and easy to apply. When I was swatching these lipsticks I soon came to realise that this is a great dupe of MAC's Party Parrot lipstick (the next lipstick).

MAC Party Parrot is a coral pink colour with a cream finish. As this is MAC you can guess that this has great pigmentation, easy application and a great longevity, I can think of no faults with this lipstick. As I said before Sleeks Candy Cane is a great dupe for this, the only difference I can see is that MAC's is ever so slightly lighter and Sleek's has a sheen finish making it seem slightly glossier than MAC's. 

Rimmel London Kate Shade 5 is a neutral pink colour. I don't usually like Rimmel lipsticks, I find them to feel very plasicy however this one has proven me wrong, the application was smooth, the colour is very pretty and it doesn't feel weird on my lips. If Rimmel carries on producing lipsticks like this I may buy more from them.

I have done a review of this lipstick already in my MUA Lux Lip Laquer Collection post

I hope you liked this post, tell me in the comments which one is your favourite 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

Exam season is now over woo! I feel such a sense of relief, hopefully they went well finger crossed. As I am no longer cramming that revision in I am going back to my usual blogging schedule of 2-3 posts a week (one on the weekend and one or two in the week) which I am very happy about. I have a lot of ideas planned for this summer so I am very excited to share them all with you.

This look is an eye look using the classic smokey eye. A lot of blending and layers goes into the smokey eye, I started off with a brown to act as my transition colour and then added darker shadows on top until I got the intensity I wanted. I finished up the eyes by blending a black gel liner into the shadow quite near the lash line to make the eyes have even more depth. I think this look would be complete with some false lashes to add to the drama but as I didn't have the ones I wanted I had to make do with my natural lashes.

Dark Brown Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Palette (Tortoise shell)
Brown Eyeshadow: Sleek Eye Shadow Palette I Divine (Ultra Mattes V2)
Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Contour and Highlighter: Sleek Contour Kit (medium)
Bronzer: MUA Bronzer (shade 3)
Black Gel Liner: Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner (Black)
BrowsSleek Brow Kit (Dark 818)
Lipstick: MAC (Twig)

I hope you like this look, everyone does their smokey eyes differently and this is the way I do it. Don't forget to tell me what you would like to see next on my blog down in the comments 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

AA Skincare Essential: Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel

Summer is quickly approaching (June 21st woop) and I am so excited for the weather to get hotter. I don't know if this is just me but when it gets hot I tend to wear less makeup so I don't get that gross suffocating feeling. As I am going to be wearing less makeup my skin needs to start looking its best so on my blog you will be seeing more skincare tips and reviews in preparation for Summer.

This week London had one of its rare hot days where the sun was actually out for the entire day, at first I was really happy about this but by the end of the day I felt all clammy and gross. AA Skincare had kindly sent me their Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel* from their Skincare Essentials line and I couldn't have picked a better day to review it.

AA Skincare Essential's Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel is said to be a multipurpose product, it has three uses including removing makeup, restoring delicate skin around the eyes and to help cool skin after a spell in the sun. I love the fact that it is a multi purpose product it saves buying lots of products for the different uses and it also saves time. With my daily skincare routine I want it to be quick with no fuss and I feel this product will achieve that. 

AA Skincare's products are formulated using pure essential oils and natural ingredients, this is great for people with sensitive skin as there aren't any harsh chemicals in them. I personally like to use skincare products with natural ingredients in them because I find them to work better than chemical based products. AA Skincare's Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel contains Aloe Vera juice (anti-inflammatory) , Witch Hazel water, Seaweed Extract, Cucumber Extract (hydrating and calming),  Cornflower Extract (soothe) , Eye Bright Extract (soothe) just to name a few of the natural products in this product. 

This was taken after the hot day where I was feeling incredibly clammy and disgusting (as you can clearly see below). I am wearing the same makeup I wore in my Golden Glow FOTD including eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. I was interested to see how well the eye gel would remove my makeup, my initial thoughts were that it would take off my eye shadow well but it might have some problem with the liner and mascara. Lets just say I was proven wrong.

This product removed my makeup incredibly well, I used a small pump for one eye and that got rid of both my eye shadow sand eyeliner in just a couple of wipes. I did have to use another pump for my mascara but that is normal for me. One thing I must say is that once you start removing the makeup don't start going incredibly slow as if your having a slow motion spa day as it will dry out and then you will end up using more pumps than necessary. The removal process was a lot less wasteful as well, the gel kept the makeup confined to where the gel was placed, meaning that I had more room on my pad for other pumps unlike most liquid removers where the whole pad goes black after I have only taken off my liner.

After removing my makeup I applied the eye gel around my eyes and it was so soothing, after being in the grimy sun it was great to just have a relaxing eye gel on to make me feel more refreshed. The eye gel absorbed into the skin pretty quickly making my under eyes feel nice and smooth. There wasn't any oily residue that I noticed on my eyes which is great as I have oily skin and it also won't end up causing problems with my makeup. I love the packaging for this, it looks so cute and it is 50ml so it is easy to take on the go for an emergency pick me up.

AA Skincare Essential's Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel is a great product for those really hot day where your eyes just need a refreshing pick me up. I also like the fact that their products are affordable, you can purchase the Seaweed and Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel on AA Skincare's website for £6.95. 

I hope you liked this review, tell me in the comments below what you would like me to post next.

*This product was provided for an honest review please read my disclaimer for further details 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lash Volumiser

As you may know I am very pernickety  when it comes to my lashes, they have to be looking perfect or I will not leave the house, I would happily be late if it meant me pulling apart a couple of lashes to get the shape I want... yes I am that bad. When I first heard of lash primers and lash volumisers I knew that I wanted to try them but I just never really got round to getting one.
Yesterday as I was rooting through my makeup collection I realised that I own a lash volumiser, I have no clue how I came to posses this (witchcraft) but I went straight to the mirror to try it out, these were my results.

These are my eyelashes with nothing done to them at all, no lash curlers (I have no clue how they work anyway). I would say my lashes are medium length and have a curl to them. They do get quite annoying sometimes as I have always had this problem where some of my lashes curl into my eye. They are not loose or anything they just curl downwards which is obviously annoying because then they start poking my eyeball. This is the reason why I started to wear mascara in the first place, to kind of keep my eyelashes in place.

These are my lashes with just purely mascara on them. As you can see I am wearing one eye blue and one eye black, this is because I wanted to see how the volumiser worked with coloured mascara. 

I used 2 coats of the blue mascara, my lashes did look okay with one coat (dark blue) but I wanted it to be brighter and bolder. I used 1 coat of the black mascara as I am not a fan of doing multiple coats of black mascara, it makes my lashes look really heavy, thick and spidery which isn't what I personally prefer. I like my lashes to look long and nicely separated in a way so it looks like natural false lashes.

This is my lashes with just the lash volumiser on. The volumiser was thinner than normal mascaras which I liked because I could have the option of building it up if I wanted a more dramatic lash. The volumiser dried nicely, didn't feel weird it just felt like normal mascara which I liked and I liked the fact that it was white as it would be a good base for coloured mascara. I ended up putting on 2 coats.

These are my lashes with 1 coat of mascara on top of the 2 coats of lash volumiser. The volumiser did make my lashes thicker which is what it did say it would do, it  worked as an excellent base for coloured mascaras and also it made my lashes look like a false pair of lashes. I don't think I would be using a volumiser in my everyday makeup routine as my lashes felt fake and thick which as I said before I don't really go for however on a night out or with one of my dramatic beauty looks this would be a great addition and an alternative to using natural false lashes.

LASH VOLUMISER:  Eddie Funkhouser Volumizer 
BLUE MASCARA: Essence Colour Flush (02)
BLACK MASCARA:  Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
BROWS:  Sleek Brow Kit (Dark)
LIPS:  MUA (Shade 11)

I hope you liked this, if  you want to know how I get my lashes to look long with mascara I have done a tutorial on it (here), this is a little out of date the process is a lot quicker now ever since using Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara. Thank you for sticking around to the end I hope you have learnt something new because I sure have.