Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Revolution-ary Lipsticks

So I originally went to Superdrugs to get Sleeks Birthday Suit Matte Lip Lacquer however they sold out :( and as I can't possibly leave Superdrugs empty handed I looked for something new and came across a brand called Revolution, I have heard so many great things about there eye shadows but I wanted to try out there lipsticks. These lip colours really stood out to me especially Depraved (the purple one) as they were such interesting colours, I hope they come out with more bold, interesting colours in the future like a blue or grey. They did have a bold orange with a yellow undertone but yellow undertone lipsticks don't suit me, they just make me look orange :/ I hope you love these colours as much as I do and they were only £1 so they seem to be in the same league as MUA.

I really love this colour, I have so many pink lipsticks it is ridiculous but I swear this is different haha. This pink has a purple/lilac undertone to it giving it this really cute unique colour. I personally haven't seen a pink like it. The formula is really good, the lipstick is not hard and it doesn't take a lot off effort for the colour to come through. It lasted me without lip liner about 3 or 4 hours before I really needed to re apply, if you had a pink or purple lip liner it would probably last you all day depending on your liner obviously. 

This colour is one of my favourite lipsticks now, it is such an adorable lilac and I am so happy that this colour is on the highstreet. I thought that I would have to go and get the NYX Macaroon Lippies or a lipstick from Limecreme in order to get this kind of colour but no I have got one for a pound locally :D I cannot contain my excitement. The formula has the same creamy consistency as Crime (above colour) but as it is lighter colour and I have not extremly dark but darker lips so I did have put on a couple extra swipes but not too any extremes which I was totally cool with as I did predict that I would.

In all I am so happy with these lipsticks, it does have a great range of 'normal' coloured lipsticks however I was looking for something a little different so I picked these up first, but no doubt I will clean out Revoloution of all of there lipsticks very quickly haha. I really do hope they come out with more interesting colours very soon.



  1. Stunning colors, love the last one. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa circleofchaos.blogspot.de

  2. Crime is beautiful against your skin tone! I don't think I can pull that off :p

  3. Depraved is gorgeous! Lovely swatch photos x

    han // emandhan xo

  4. AH they are both really pretty. Crime is super gorgeous and I think it's the perfect kinda barbie pink! I think it's so hard to find a pretty pastel lilac kinda shades and you found one! I might need to look into this brand!