Friday, 10 April 2015

My Natural Hair Journey: There is Hope

I am so proud of the natural hair that I have now, for the past 11 months I have started to really care for it and now I have defined curls that I didn't even think was possible for me to get, I thought others where just lucky enough to just have it. My hair before was a frizzy mess, no curl pattern to be seen what so ever even when I washed my hair (yeah it was that bad) it was so think and unmanageable that I kept braking combs, hair bands, anything that even came in to contact with my hair. I couldn't even feel my scalp! Because of this my hair kept braking, wouldn't grow which I didn't care about at the time because my hair wouldn't go down so its not like I would have benefited from it or had the chance to have my hair down. I wish I could show you how bad it was but I obviously didn't take any pictures. Oh and just to say I am not mixed raced both my parents are black I realise I came out the oven under cooked but my hair is still afro I have 3C type hair in the front and back of my hair and 4A type hair in the middle and the sides however before I cared for my hair I didn't have a clear curl type it was just a frizzy unknown mess.

Before and after my hair journey. The before isn't even a realistic representation of how bad my hair was as in this picture it was blowdried which is why it was able to go down. The after photo was taken 4-5 months into my journey.

Before I started to look after my hair all I would do was shampoo and condition my hair, blow dry it (with heat), put it in bun, gel down the front of my hair then I would leave it in that same bun, not taking it out to comb or moisturise for 2 weeks then I would repeat the process. If the front was looking messy I would just slap on more gel then carry on. Looking back on that now that is so disgusting ahaha but I just didn't know what else to do with it, I didn't want my mum to cornrow my hair anymore because I looked about 3 and I was a teenager at the time so that was a no no and I didn't want to put my hair in single twists or plates because that took forever and I it would get messy in a couple of days because I couldn't be bothered to put a scarf on my head. At the time I thought that was the only options I had for my hair and so I hated it, I couldn't wait till I was 18 so I could get a weave and not have to think about it.

This was just before I was going to get my hair straitened. You can't really see how bad my hair was but it was BAD 

I remember last year I told my Auntie Shevelle how I just didn't know what to do with my hair and how I just wanted a weave and she tried all she could to convince me that my hair was beautiful and showed me a couple of natural hair YouTubers to watch and so I did and as I am addicted to Youtube I found other curly girls on my own and I was hooked. I subscribed to curly/ natural hair girls that I felt that my hair could relate to and also hair that I want to have. YouTubers that helped me change my outlook on my natural hair and helped me so much on my journey include Chime Edwards, Natural NeiiceyLuhhsettyxo and Picture me Natural. This gave me so much hope that my hair one day could be like theirs. My watching I gained so many styling options, tips on how to keep your hair moisturised and soft, tips on how to define your curls and make them last. I watched so much that I started to experiment and found products on my own which worked for my hair and became inspired to be more adventurous with styles.

I still do this style today, the flat twist at the front is one of my go to hair style

My faux curly bangs I created without having to cut my hair

2-3 months into my natural hair journey the front of my hair started to have defined curls and I was over the moon. I never thought this would actually happen especially so soon . Around this time I started to watch a YouTuber called Beautyklove who isn't a natural/curly hair YouTuber in fact she actually has jet black bone straight hair haha however I felt that her videos has been a MASSIVE help in my natural hair journey and was part of the reason my my hair started to have defined curls and that is because she does DIY hair masks and leave ins using natural only natural organic products like avacados, honey ect and they have worked a treat in my hair especially her one for decreasing frizz, that one worked almost immediately. She also takes it to a biology level by saying what each natural product does for your hair and what specifically the vitamins and acids do to your hair which is so educational and generally interesting. The reason why I like her way of explaining why she is adding certain products to her masks is because it then allows you to think up your own masks.

Defined curls on the front, still frizz at the back however the frizz is better than the hopeless hair I had before 

Over time my hair all over had defined curls however I still struggled with dry hair, it seemed like products would work for a little bit and then by the end of the day my hair would just feel dry again and so I felt that there was something definitely wrong. Then I discovered 5 products which changed my hairs life Motions Naturally You Conditioner, Tresemme Salon Smooth Shampoo, Tresemme Keratine Deep Treatment, Natures Bounty Biotin 5000msg and lastly Shea Moisture Shea Butter. As soon as I bought these products my hair felt soft all day, smooth, no frizz what so ever.

This was taken 4-5 months into my natural journey

This was taken after washing my hair a couple of days ago

So now my hair is naturally curly, soft, smooth and manageable thanks to again these YouTubers:  Chime Edwards, Natural Neiicey, Luhhsettyxo, Picture me Natural and Beautyklove. In the future I want to to do hair tutorials and hair health videos and posts showing you techniques, products and ingredients and recipes that really worked for my hair. I know this hasn't gone into too much detail on specifics on what I did to get my curly defined hair but I thought I would save that for another post as this would go on forever. I hope this was helpful to some of you especially if you used to be like me and thought that you have no hope or options with your natural hair because there definitely is hope.


  1. I used to do the same thing. All the time I used to smack my hair back in a bun with tons of gel and not really do much else with it. I've definitely learned my lesson. My hair is so much more healthier now, especially because I take care of my hair properly. You're hair looks really pretty btw and i definitely need to check out that youtuber that does DIY hair masks!

  2. You really should I saw such a drastic change when using the masks :) good luck on your journey

  3. Love your hair, you have so pretty curls. ^^
    Have a nice Sunday...

  4. Wow it looks very healthy and moisturized now! Beautiful!

  5. You look lovely! Your hair look so healthy! x