Thursday, 2 April 2015

Blogger Networks: Helpful and Free

So in my last Weekly Shoutout post curious follower Al Heaology asked about the banners that I have in my right side bar and if they helped me as a blogger. This would have been too long of an answer to just reply in her comment so I decided to dedicate a whole post talking about each one in detail, what they do, how its helped me and why I use them in general.

I hope you enjoy and sorry about the less frequent posts as of late it is exam season so I have to knuckle down and revise so I am probably going to be one or 2 posts per week, just until my exams are all over and done with in June and then the normal schedule of 3 or 4 posts will be come back :) oh and I am planning on going to IMATS in London this year which I am so excited about, I have wanted to go for about 2 years now but you have to be I think 17 to be allowed in so I am so pumped to see so many amazing talented makeup artists show casing their work and also to see my makeup idols. Let me know if you are going  in the comments or if you have been before what was you experience :) now on to the post

So the first network I am going to be talking about it The Blogger Network. The Blogger Network is a place to connect you bloggers with a wide range of brands which is a great way to get yourself out on to the market. It is completely free all you have to do is sign up your blog and you are good to go, so simple. If you sign up this is what you will see. 

As you can see there is so many helpful options such as Promotion which is basically where all the brands looking for a blogger to review there product are listed so that you can apply for it, Brand Samples if a brand wants to work for you that is where it would be listed, Promotion Tips, My Blog Posts which is a place to showcase your previously sponsored posts so that other brands can get an idea of what they will be getting by working with you and also Reports which measures how many clicks your Blogger Network banner on your blog gets as well as how many commissions you have had. This has a very simple layout and very simple to use.

Next Blogger Network is as you have probably guessed a private online community for selected bloggers to connect with Next. Despite how it sounds the sign up process isn't scary at all you just sign up and your in, well that's what I experienced anyway. There are some perks with joining this community such as The latest trend reports which include insider industry information and behind-the-scenes coverage, invitations to exclusive season previews and collection launches, the opportunity to collaborate on exciting blogger projects, the occasional Next goodies, the opportunity to discuss product reviews and features on your blog. And as well as all of that in a recent update if your blog post is related to Next in some way you can upload it to the website where it will be featured in 'latest blog posts' which I thought was so exciting. 

This is what you will be greated with once you sign up and as you can see there is instantly so helpful tips as soon as you log in. The noticeboard is a place where there is so many post ideas that you can choose from so when you get a writers block just go there to get some inspiration. There is also Blogger of the Month feature which is also very cool. I love the fact that Next is helping out the blogging community in this way and I hope other brands follow suite. I have only recently started using this but I am loving all the opportunities that come with signing up and I can't wait to see how I go with this in the future.

I feel that the Blogger Programme has a very different concept to the blogger networks I have listed before and that is because its not about you show casing what you can do for brands or other bloggers to notice you, this seems to be more of a social network. This is a almost like a place where bloggers follow brands and brands follow bloggers and what is great about this is that there is a not a huge number of people on this site so if you follow a brand there is a more likely chance that they will look at your profile and maybe your blog than if you were to follow them on twitter. You can upload images, you can follow other bloggers, favourite bloggers, keep up to date with jobs posted by brands. I think this is such a great idea and a great way to get yourself out there without feeling like your a needle in a needle stack (i do know the real saying haha but this made more sense) 

As you can see this is what you get once you sign up. You can search for brands, bloggers or even publishers so there is such a diverse community on here that is just great for networking and finding brands or even bloggers that you have never heard of before. And as well as connecting people it also has a section for jobs and brands and publishers looking section which is basically like want ads for reviews and possibilities of working with them.

The Shelf is basically a place for you to great a profile and they help you connect with brands who want to collaborate. In your profile you have your tweets your instagram photos, you blog posts, information about you, why you want to work with brands ect. and they do all pf the work for you. All you have to do is sit there and look pretty and the brands search through all the profiles searching for who they would like to work with. This is more a website for brands than bloggers as they in this website do all of the work in terms of searching where as all you have to do is sign up, write your profile and blog as you do normally. There is no need to constantly check up like you would with your social networks, they will email you if they would like to get into contact I believe.

This is your profile area for you to change when necessary. This kind of format reminds me of an agency in some ways. One thing to note if you have any queries about the site just email them at any time, the person that I spoke with Lauren I think she deals with all the emails but I'm not too sure, anyway she is so lovely and will answer any question which is so nice to get from a website.

One twitter account I really want to say has been extremely helpful in terms of London blogger events and really getting London bloggers in a community is @LDNmeetup if you sign up in the link in their bio they will email you with discounted and free events that are happening in London or they have arranged, a couple have been a trip to Thorpe Park, Chocolate factory, Hula Hooping ect. and I actually can't wait to attend one of these but I have unfortunately been too busy with exams but just knowing that you will have the chance to go to these and have fun with other bloggers is just amazing.

And that is it, these are all of the blogging networks I am apart of and I like to think that they are all different in their own right so its a nice variation. I hope this was helpful and useful. Once again thank you to Al Heaology for asking me that question, if anyone has any other questions or requests just comment them down and I shall either answer or do a post dedicated to it :)


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  2. Your Welcome :) hope it was helpful

  3. Hey kiera, thx so much! This is such a helpful post for me! You wrote so many details about each sites. I wonder how long do u need for 1 post? Less or more than an hour? :)
    I will definitely register in those web sites.
    Thx so much! I hope your study goes well, and good luck for ur exam!
    I will move to England in summer so hopefully we can meet one day! :)

  4. Ah thats awesome and thank you so much :D hopefully I will meet you too.
    What do you mean how long do you need for a post? If you mean how long should it take to write, it should be as long as you want its your blog so your rules :)

  5. Wow, such a cool post, so helpful. ^^
    Have a nice Easter weekend.

  6. This is such a detailed and really helpful post! Which website/network do you prefer out of all of them may i ask? Or at least, which ones have been the most helpful for you?

  7. I think at the minute LDNmeetup has been the most helpful as it has invited me to so many events so I like that option

  8. New outfit is online... ^^