Monday, 9 March 2015

Weekly Shoutout #2

You guys seemed to really like this idea which I really happy hear so the Weekly Shoutouts have returned for another week. If you didn't catch last weeks shout out here it is (click me). Here is a recap of how it works.


So I will be splitting this in to 3 categories: Music, People and Blogs:
  • Music is my top 5 songs of the week 
  • People is basically dedicated to you guys who share or retweet my work on your social media, or even mention my blog with a link to it on one of their blog posts :) Initially I said I will pick 3 people but as I got a great response this week I have decided to bump it up to 5
  • Blogs are for the bloggers who follow me on Bloglovin. I will choose 3 blogs which I would like to be featured. The reason in which I will only choose 3 is because of the fact that I don't have enough followers at the minute to shout out 5 of you every week unfortunately :(
Now for the Shouting of the Outs


This week I have been playing Banks album Goddess non stop, she is just so talented she is one of those artists who just gets it you know. I have also been listening to some Disney songs so you now will understand why my music shoutouts this week are so random haha  

Lion King: Be Prepared 
Princess and the Frog: Almost There
People You Know: Riptide (cover)


These people are so amazing, I would like to thank each and everyone of them for sharing my work, retweeting it really means a lot :)


These bloggers are honestly so good, I would only recommend the best for you guys and I am honestly so surprised that these guys haven't got millions of followers already. I am so grateful that they like my blog enough to follow me and I just had to follow these guys back, I hope you come to your senses and do the same :D... follow them that is.. well and me.. well if you want to hehe 

And that is it for the Shoutouts this week, if your name or blog wasn't mentioned then do not worry I probably wanted to put you in but I could only pick a certain number per week so I can actually do another one next week haha so your name may be called next week :)

Hope enjoyed this, let me know if you discovered something or someone new :) 
Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and share my work to have the chance to be featured next week!


  1. Awh! Thank you so much that's so sweet of you! I absolutely love your blog too! xxx

  2. That's okay :) thank you so much!

  3. Great post.
    It's nice to get in touch with fellow bloggers in this kind of form.

  4. Glad you liked it :) and I totally agree

  5. I like the idea of this, its a great way to reach other bloggers - i might give this a try one day