Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Shoes for Spring 2015

Spring in England doesn't mean anything temperature wise in England, the weather will still be just as unpredictable so that is why when I show you my shoe choices there will be some boots as well as pumps, however it will be so much brighter out which is great for me because I feel so much more happier when the sun is out :)

A little bit of backstory for this post, every season I take out from out of under my bed shoes that I will likley wear that season and put back under there shoes that I will not. This is just a way for me to easily get to my shoes on a daily bases and also gives me a chance to see what options I have. I don't own many shoes because when I shop that isn't the first thing that comes to mind, I'm more of a clothes and beauty girl myself.

ManasLea Foscati Boots
One of my favourite shoes/boots, I love the colour, the heal, the army style, just an all round great shoe to own. I got mine from TK Maxx and I have worn them in my Smart Casual Winter OOTD.

Top3 Boots
Great simple black boots, goes with just about any day to day outfit so they are a staple of mine, these have been shown in my Winter Lookbook

Marks and Spencer Knee Boots
These boots have not yet been featured on my blog due to the weather but no doubt you will be constinantely seeing them because I love them so much. They may not look like much but they just jazz up any basic outfit. These go perfectly with jeans. 

Tommy Hilfiger kinda wedges kinda not wedge... shoes

I have no clue what to call these shoes because there is the tiniest of heal aswell as it being mostly wedged, I'm just going to call them wedges because that tiny heal isn't enough I feel to call them heals. Regardless of what these are technically called the shoes are gorgeous. I love the cork element between what I think is trying to mimic denim, It has the cutest bow on the front and it is so versatile. This shoe goes well with jeans, skirt, dress you name it. I do not know what I will do without them. I would literally hunt down another one or try and find a worthy enough dupe.

Shaboo Gold Pumps
These were just too cute to put down, obviously the bow is adorable, I love the colour and the side cut outs looks really interesting however I do feel like I am going to get triangle shaped tan lines on my feet in the summer haha.

Bravo Browns Knee High Boots
I was debating for ages putting these in because obviously they are more winter than spring but as I said before with the ever changing weather one day it could be freezing and I want to make sure my little toezies are safe and warm. These have been worn in my No Fuss I'm in a Rush OOTD and also made an appearance in my Winter Lookbook

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought I would mix up the usual OOTD or Lookbook I would post on a Trend Tuesday and give you something without my face in it haha :) Let me know which one is your favourite down in the comments :)


  1. I was just saying I think it's getting a bit too warm for my winter boots (I keep kicking them off at work!). Time for a spring shoe shopping spree. Love the Tommy Hilfiger kinda wedge shoes SO MUCH.

    Aisling | aisybee.

  2. You have really lovely shoes esp. the first one



  3. Wow this was so helpful and you have an amazing blog! :) Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :)

    xoxo ♥


  4. Great picks!!


  5. Love every single pair, so gorgeous! x