Saturday, 7 March 2015

MUA Nail Vanish Collection

As you probably know from my previous posts, my love for MUA has no bounds. They are super affordable and there quality is amazing not just for the price but in general, this includes their nail vanishes. Without even realising it I own 10 MUA nail vanishes with such a wide range of colours and shades which couldn't be anymore perfect so I thought I would swatch them for you and give you my honest review, I hope you enjoy.


(Left to right) Plum Noir, Ameretto Crush, Pistachio Ice Cream, Bright Coral, Bold Blue

With MUA Nail Vanishes, well actually with most other brands too there are different formulations with different colours and shades. I have found that the vast majority of the MUA nail vanishes I have tried have a wonderful formulations. In these particular swatches 'Bright Coral'  has an amazing formulation, you could definitely without a doubt leave with one coat no problemo and it looks like you have two. There are a couple that are a little on the weak side which are 'Pistachio Ice Cream' and 'Bold Blue' you definitely need 2 coats. With 'Plum Noir' and Ameretto Crush if you were in a rush you could get away with 1 coat however in place your nail in direct sunlight you can see slightly through it but other than that, in normal circumstances it will be completely fine. In the above swatches I gave all the nail vanishes two coats except for 'Bright Coral' as it really didn't need it. I also applied Essence Nail Strengthening Base Coat because I never put nail vanishes on bare nails to prevent any possible staining and also to strengthen them. I didn't add a top coat so as you can see the nail vanish has a natural glossy shine to it. These nail vanishes dry relatively quickly, they are not gloopy and squiggy like other cheap nail vanishes they dry like a normal higher end nail vanishes.


(left to right) Moody Mink, Truffle Cream, Steel Blue, Pitch Black, Midnight

These colours are more toned down, more natural which I like. 'Moody Mink', 'Truffle Cream' and 'Steel Blue' have good formulations, like I said before with the good formulations you could get away with having one coat very easily if you were in a rush but I like it best with two. 'Pitch Black' has an excellent formulation, you only need one coat, it is perfect black, not slightly grey or blue its just black, I was just so impressed because it is very easy to get disappointed with black nail vanishes so I was so happy with this one. 'Midnight' is a blue sparkly nail vanish that has flecks not glitter, it has a very very thin formulation, you need about 3 coats for it too look good on its own but even then I just don't like how it looks however if you put it on a dark blue or a black it adds a nice blue shimmer to the nail which I think was this nail vanishes original purpose. As I said before these dry hard not sticky or gloopy like other cheap nail vanishes, I also applied Essemce Nail Strengthening Base Coat because I never put nail vanishes on bare nails to prevent any possible staining and I didn't add a top coat so as you can see the nail vanish has a natural glossy shine to it. 


Not only do MUA have normal nail vanishes but they also have started to bring out some nail vanish effects. This is the MUA Matte Perfect Polish and its basically a top coat which turns shiny, glossy nail vanishes matte, this is great to give your nail a different look and also for nail art designs. Oh please excuse the very dry nails either side of the painted one I had just taken the other nail vanishes off so yeah. So as you can see I painted the top of the MUA's Pitch Black Nail Vanish with the MUA Matte Perfect Polish so you can clearly see a before and after effect. This does the job of creating a matte nail however it is not EXTREME, I haven't tried other matte nail top coats so I can't say if this is the best out there but for me I feel like it does make your nail vanish significantly but its not to any extreme which is perfectly fine for me its does the job and I am happy with the results it gives.

So as you can tell by my reviews I love these nail vanishes they are only a pound and the quality is amazing.These nail vanishes last about three days with no chips, obviously that depends on what your hands go through on a day to day basis, what base and top coat you put on blah blah but in my experience on average it has lasted a good three days.

 I have built up quite a MUA collection and no doubt it will continue to grow and grow. I hope you enjoyed this review, tell me what your favourite MUA nail vanish colour down in the comments :)


  1. I love the MUA nail polishes, such good quality and only for £1! They are so underated x

  2. Wow, amazing colors. *__*
    Have a nice Sunday...