Thursday, 12 March 2015

Kiera Tries DIYs: Manicures and Kohl hacks

So a friend of mine introduced me to the wonders of Pinterest, I never quite got it before but now I am hooked. While scrolling I found loots of DIYs and life hacks that would be cool to try and see if they actually work, knowing me I would probably fail so miserably which would inevitably be very entertaining and there Kiera Tries DIYs was born. So this would be very randomly on a Thursday, and I am really excited to try some awesome DIYs in the future.

I decided to start easy this week as I am not a DIY expert haha but as the weeks go on I will try and push my self and maybe one day I will even become a pro. If you have a suggestions on what you want me to try leave it in the comments below and I shall be your guinea pig.

Elastic Band French Manicure

For this you will need an Elastic Band ( I only had a hair band so we are off to a great start) and a nail polish of your choice, I am using MUA Nail Vanish in Bright Coral

Place band under where you want your manicured nail tip to end, then use thumb to make it taught.

Paint your nail in your desired area using the elastic band as a barrier.

Remove elastic band making sure not to smudge nail polish... like I did (luckily it wasn't a major smudge)

This did work, this was very easy and worked very well in getting a crisp line however I didn't realise my band was slightly curved so t ended up curving slightly but it wasn't terrible and I could easily fix it no problemo and if I had painted the rest of the nail another colour I probably wouldn't have noticed. Overall this is a great hack.


This DIY apparently helps to make your pencils more pigmented and easy to work with, all you need to do for this put your pencil near a flame so that it can essentially melt a bit and glide on easier. I was so scared I was going to burn my self but its completely fine, if your scared then test it with your finger first before putting it anywhere near your face. 

First I decided to try a black eyeliner pencil, this pencil is actually a good pencil pigmented but I was just curious if it could get any better. The pencil I am using is MUA Intense Colour Eye Liner in Jet Black.

This was only one swipe, as you can see this is very pigmented and smudges well so it would be interesting to see it makes it even better.

(Before is the Top, After is the bottom)
The answer is no, if anything lighting the pencil made it less pigmented however this could be because it was already a good pencil, it didn't need to get any better. Note to self don't do this on a good pencil.

So now that I have done it with a good pencil, I am now going to do it with one of the worst pencils I own, Collection Lip Liners this one is in Clover Pink but I have tried another Collection lip pencil to make sure it wasn't just the formula or something but know they are all the same... TERRIBLE. It takes about 10 swipes for product to actually come off on to my hand to swatch it, this didn't even apply on my lips, I tried for so long my lips started to hurt and still no product would go on them. I cost me two pound something which is a shame because I could have gotten 2 MUA lip pencils which would have glided on beautifully. 

This was after 10 swipes... and there is still hardly any product on my hand so if this works this is an amazing DIY that deserves so many medals.

IT WORKED!! This was after 1 swipe and it just glided on no problem however as soon as it cooled down it went back to how it was before unfortunately so it seems I will have to melt it every time I wan't to use it 

This is supposed to be a hack to have budge proof eye shadow using pencil liners.

For this I will be using the Too Faced contour brush and the MUA eyeliner in Jet Black

 Draw a rough crosshatch at the corner of your eye

Blend the crosshatch out 

Waste of time. I like the idea of using eyeliners as a base but the cross hatch is a waste if time just shade in the area and blend, its not hard. Why would you spend time doing a cross hatch design if your just going to blend it out anyway, just get the pencil in the corner of the eye and blend.

And that is it for the DIYs today :) I hope you enjoyed this and learned something new. As I said before if you have a suggestions on what you want me to try leave it in the comments below and I will do them.


  1. I like the idea of using a hair tie to do the tips of your nails! great post!

  2. these are such great ideas! love the color of the manicure!


  3. Same that one is my new fave :)

  4. I loved this post! Shall try it soon!

    Anyways, I've nominated you for the liebster award so feel free to do it if you haven't done it or if you're interested :)

    Love, Artika

  5. This is such a creative post xxx

  6. Love the elastic band one! Definitely going to give it a try! <3

  7. Hah! I love the elastic band tip! :-D