Thursday, 5 February 2015

Talkative Thursday: Skin Care Products I am Currently Using

So in my January Favourites post I briefly talked about some products that I recently started using on my face, this included some products from the Body Shop Tea Tree line.After finding out the wonders of Tea Tree from buying the Primark oil controlling face wipes which contained Witch Hazel and Tea Tree I totally revised my skin care routine which include all of the products you see below. Please note that I have very oily skin and so the majority of the products listed is to target oils, if you suffer from dry skin some of the products listed would have an adverse effect on your skin however I will say when talking about the product what types of skin this would be good for. So lets begin :)

This product is an exfoliating cleanser, as this is an exfoliate you sure really shouldn't use this everyday because that would be too abrasive on your skin doing you more harm than good, a good period of time is around once every 3 days to a week. I really like this cleansing polish, the beads are really small and there is fewer of them so it is not overly abrasive on my skin which is great. After using this is the shower my face feels very refreshed, tight and most importantly squeaky clean. This is good for normal, oily and combination skin tones. If you have dry skin you will have to put on some moisturizer as soon as possible if you end up using this products as it does strip a little moisture.

This toner is honestly a wonder product, After exfoliating I use this to make sure that all the dirt left in my pores that a cleanser may have missed are completely gone. This is a great toner, it is so soothing on the skin and incredibly refreshing, if almost feels like you are being pampered. This product says to contain an active complex of Aloe Vera (probably why it feels so soothing) and natural plant extracts. This is an incredibly pricey (50 pounds) but I got it discounted to 20 pounds. Don't really know if it is worth 50 pounds because I haven't tried a wide range of toners but all I know is that it makes my skin feel lovely. This is good for all skin types.

I suffer from acne scars, I have them on my cheeks and across my whole forehead so I decided to get something for that. In the past I bought Bio Oil but that just made my skin feel oily (obviously) and so I stopped. After buying this is mid January I have started to see some fading in my blemishes which shows that it does in fact work. This is very moisturising and dries perfectly matte, this was revolutionary for me because i thought that all moisturisers would make me oil up during the day so I would stay clear from them which ended up making it worse because the reason why you produce more oils is to make up for the moisture your skin doesn't have, if that makes any amount of sense. I have been using this as a day moisturiser but only on the areas where there are a lot of acne scars. I do want to invest in the day lotion in the near future. Perfect for oily and combination skin. People with normal and dry skin should stay well away from Tea Tree in general.

 I use this during the day as a moisturiser, this also acts as a very good make up primer however you can put on a primer on top of this if you prefer, I have done this in the past and it worked just as well. This is moisturising and dries completely matte. This product makes your pores look smaller and smaller pores mean less dirt in them meaning less chance for an acne break out. This again is good for blemished skin and great for people with oily and combination skin types. People with normal and dry skin should again stay well away

P.S. Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes:
I talked in a lot of detail about this product in my January Favourites and in the intro to this post so click here to check that out.

I hope a few of you who like me struggle with their oily skin found this enlightening or helpful in any way :) 


  1. I've noted some of these down on my phone, I've really been trying to improve my skincare routine so I'm trying lots of new products! Great post, thanks!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. You are welcome :) Good luck on your skin care journey xx

  2. I absolutely love tea tree oil products. I have a concealer which contains tea tree oil and it feels so soothing! Great post and gorgeous pictures :) xxx

  3. I love anything with tee tree in it! Thanks for sharing your current products and your thoughts about them!

    Rae | love from berlin

  4. I love the Tea Tree primer, it's such a great product and I love that it's helping my skin whilst it's on too xx

    Gemma |

  5. looks like a great products. Sure i will try ;)

    Check it out my new post:

  6. Thanks for sharing these great skincare products!

  7. The Body Shop products are amazing!


  8. Body shop skincare is brilliant, they have some of the best products!