Sunday, 1 February 2015

Stunning Sunday? January 2015 Favourites

This was meant to be posted yesterday but due to some technical issues with my computer I couldn't edit the video until today but Stunning Sunday still works right?

Any who these are my January favourites, these are all of the products that I have been continuously wearing through out the whole of January so I hope you enjoy.


Natures Bounty Biotin
I am not going to go too in depth in talking about this product because I have done a 10 minute long  review and comparison with another brand of biotin see here but all I will say is that I have been continuing to see progress and in hair length and health ever since using this product. It is a natural nutrient naturally found in fruits, vegetables and nuts which has been put into a capsule. I am not one for taking supplements like Hairfinity because they are artificial made out of mostly chemicals where as this is more natural.

(From left to right)

Essence Gel Nails at Home 3 in one Nail Oil:
I use this after I rub the Sally Hanson Vita Surge Growth Gel into my cuticles. This nail oil helps to seal in all the moisture and nutrients into the cutical helping your nails to grow. Just apply a little to the cuticle using its rollerball end and rub it in.

Bodyshop Hemp Hand Protector:
This is the best hand cream I have ever used EVER. It leaves my hands silky soft for a long period of time, there is not residue left over, it benefits my hands in the long run because even when I am not wearing the hand cream my hands feel a lot softer and as I do a lot of work with my hands during the day as I do DT like subjects in school so I do a lot of sawing, sanding ect this has really helped my hands. This hand cream deserves an award it is that good.

Sally Hansen Vitasurge Growth Gel:
This is a wonderful product I have been using this for about a couple of months now and I have really seen a tremdous difference, I have always struggled with growing my nails in the past, they would always grow to a certain length then brake but now I am experiencing far less breakage and plus my nails are looking and feeling much healthier. 

   P.S. Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes 
This is a cleansing wipe by Primark YES PRIMARK I know, this is 1 pound for two and I did not expect these to be so good. I suffer from extremely oily skin and ever since using this I have not felt abnormally oily through the day. The reason why this works is because it contains Tee Tree and Witch Hazel so if you do not like the sound of it being a product by Primark than get something with Tee Tree or Which Hazel in it and that should help to reduce the oils, i know Body Shop has a tee tree line of which I have recently purchased so I shall update you with how I get on in another post.


Mary Kay Cream Lipstick in (Tanned)
This is a warm brown neutral colour that is perfect for my skin tone, I usually find with neutral colours that they are too light or flat so this one is great because of its warm undertone.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers ( Dare and Kooky)

I have ranted and raved about these since I got them so I am not going to bore you and repeat myself so if you want to see my review on these amazing velvet matte lip laquers then see my review here


(left to right) 

 Natural Collection Nail Vanish (Champagne)
This is a lovely iridescent pink, nice on its own and on top of other nail vanishes as a feature nail. applies and dries very nicely which is hard to find in cheaper nail vanishes 

     MUA Nail Vanish (Moody MinxSteel Blue and Truffle Cream)
Beautiful nail vanishes, they remind me of essie nail vanishes in the way they are packaged, the colours are gorgeous these ones are perfect for winter as they are more toned down. The quality is very good, they are not steaky, the dry very nicely and they do not chip easily (I have had them last a week without chipping)


       MUA Pro-Base Primer
 Great primer, it doesn't interfear with my moisturiser so I don't feel oily when using this, makes my face feel soft, my makeup lasts all day using this, it is clear. It basically ticks all of the boxes that a good primer should.

Sleek Contour Kit (medium)
    A staple of mine from the day I got this, I use it everyday, it really contours my face and defines my cheekbones which without it I do not have. The highlighter isn't too light it is just perfect for my complexion.

      MUA Bronzer (Shade 3)
This warms up my face without me looking orange which is a must this winter because I am looking so pale especially around my cheeks so this makes sure that I don't look ill this winter. I find it hard to find a good bronzer, usually they cater for lighter skin tones so it doesn't show up on my skin so it was a very nice find especially in the highstreet.


(left to right)

Rimmel Lash Accelerator 
I have done a full review on this product see here but this is just a great mascara, it makes your eye lashes look naturally long rather than making them look like you are trying to make them look longer using mascara by coating them 20 times. It has been a staple of mine for about a year now and sadly I must move on and try a new mascara. This mascara will always have a place in my heart.
       Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner
Wonderful waterproof liquid liner, it doesn't budge, it looks lovely on and it is very easy to work with. The brush picks up the right about of product and is very easy to work with. The tube looks like it will last me a while wich is great because it was a bit pricey for my liking but well worth it.

 Sleek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette (I Divine)
One of my favourite products, it is great for special effects to create bruises and stuff as well as just being geat for beauty. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, they are easily blendable just an all round great set of eyeshadows especially for winter.

And that is it, those were all of my favourites I hope you enjoyed this post and found some great products to try next month,


  1. I also love mary kay cosmetics, my favorite is their mascara. Lovely blog, I would like to invite you to check out my new fashion blog,

    x Kellie

    1. Oooh I may have to check out their mascara :)

  2. Great list of faves!

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    1. I know :) it has changed my life... well my hands life i suppose

  4. The Primark wipes sound amazing, I have oily skin too so will definitely be trying these! Thank you for the recommendation! x

    1. Anytime, always here to give you guys the best for less :)

  5. Love your products, great post. ^^
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