Saturday, 28 February 2015

Face of the day: Pink Power

On Tuesday I showed you my Spring time pastel outfit of the day and then promised to show you the makeup I wore. On that day I was feeling so colourful so I decided to wear a pinky purple eye with a pink lip. There was some really cool light coming in from the window so I had to capture some with that light, however there is some normal pictures as well so you could actually see the look. Enjoy!

Mascara: Essence Lash Princess
Lips: MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer (Dare)
Eyeshadow: Sleek Eyeshadow Palette (iDivine)
Bronzer: MUA Bronzer (Shade 3)

I hope you enjoyed this look. On a side note I am planning on doing a 'Weekly Shoutout' every Sunday where I give people who link my blog on their website, shares or retweets my work the chance to have the chance to be featured. I will be picking 3-5 people so get sharing :) I will also be shouting out amazing 3 followers who's blogs I think are awesome! all you have to do is follow my blog on Bloglovin its that simple

Thursday, 26 February 2015

'Your wearing so much makeup!'

So on this Talkative Thursday I thought I would address an issue that I have been hearing a lot through out the ages and that is the stigma against makeup and makeup artists.

I started to wear makeup when I was 15 but since then the amount of makeup and the variety of colours I wear has vastly grown over the past 3-4 years. I am not going to go into my makeup journey in too much detail because I want to save that for a more positive post, but the gist of it is that when I was 15 I would only wear mascara, then when I was 16 I started to play around with neutral eyeshadows and bronzer and lastly when I turned 17 I started to wear lipstick, had more confidence to wear colourful and brighter colours and also really started to try more technical looks when it came to eyeshadow and contour. Again I am going to save this for a whole different post but the point I am trying to make is that I wear makeup, have worn it for a couple years and feel that I have grown in confidence since then and it shows on ma face.

Online I see so many comments on great makeup looks that show so much skill, beautifully applied and look great saying 'you look better without makeup', 'you shouldn't wear makeup', 'cakeface', 'your wearing so much makeup' and it makes me sick. All of these comments just look at the fact that there is makeup on the face and then comment. Its the equivalent of you having an argument and bringing up great points but someone completely ignores what is being said and just complains about the fact that you are arguing... it is so ignorant. I am now going to take the time to address some of these comments.

'You look better without makeup'
It might not have been meant to be rude but it comes across as a backhanded compliment and I will explain why. One, if someone is sharing a picture of their makeup they do not care whether they look better with no makeup, they are taking the time to show you what they are proud of and you have just shut down their work. Two, if they are not purposely showing you their makeup they just are wearing makeup in a photo that they have decided put online then they are obviously happy with the way they look enough to share it with the world, they do not need your comment about the fact they look better with no makeup because they have it on and they are content with the way they look with it on.

'You shouldn't wear makeup'
Do not tell people what they can and can't do period. If they want to wear makeup they can, if they don't want to wear makeup then they don't have to. You do not own them and therefore your comment is irrelevant. If you believe that makeup is wrong or just don't like it that is perfectly fine but don't make others change because of your beliefs, they are your beliefs not theirs. Just like you have the right not to wear makeup they have the right to wear makeup its as simple as that.

Excuse you? This comment really grinds my gears because the majority of the time this is used is when the person is wearing a very technical look, possibly a cut crease or sharp contour but because this is all too much for this commenter to handle they just put 'cakeface'. It is rude and disrespectful to anyone who wears makeup especially to makeup artists as this is their craft.

'Your wearing so much makeup'
It annoys me so much when people don't look at the technique or look of the makeup, all they care about is the amount that they are wearing. Its like a plus sized women wearing a beautiful stunning dress that makes her look amazing and radiant but all people care about is the size of the dress, just plain disrespectful. The majority of the time this is used is when the person isn't even wearing that much makeup but the colours are bright or dark. I have seen people who just wear eyeliner, lashes and a bright lip being told that they plaster on too much makeup, how does that make any amount of sense. Sometimes I see people tell someone only wearing mascara, eyeliner and foundation that they are wearing so much makeup just because the foundation is the wrong shade, tell them that the foundation is the wrong shade don't tell them that they are wearing too much makeup because those are two completely different things.

Even thought this post so far has seemed all directed towards the haters of the beauty community there are people who have genuine questions which I would like to address as well because if you are genuinely asking someone why they wear makeup without any negative connotations than I feel that's okay. I am not a angry dragon lady who shoots down anyone who doesn't like makeup haha I am far from that, I don't wear makeup everyday. If someone just personally doesn't like makeup I'm cool with it nor am I saying the whole world should love makeup as much as I do because everyone is entitled to there opinions just as long as they don't shove them down other peoples throats. I will now answer some genuine questions to balance out the negativity because that is not what I want to get out of this post.

'Why do you wear makeup?'
I wear it because I like the way it looks. I see makeup as art but on a different canvas, it takes a lot of skill to do certain looks and I love the final product. What I wear on my face largely depends on what goes with my outfit because I feel that it all flows together nicely, like what shoes you wear. You could get a whole different look for your outfit purely based on the makeup you wear.

'Does society pressure you into wearing makeup?'
Nope,  I don't feel like I NEED makeup to go outside or need it to make me feel good about myself or to hide my insecurities I mean I don't even wear foundation or concealer and with the amount of blemishes that I have other people probably would, I just feel very claustrophobic with it on. I don't have a thing against people who wear foundation, I like the way it looks on others and how it smooths out your face but its just not for me.

'Have Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers impacted you wearing makeup?'
Yes but not in the way that you think. I watch beauty YouTubers more to get inspiration and learn techniques rather than copy what they do step by step. By watching makeup artists (both theatrical, special effects and beauty) and also people who are just good at makeup it has given me the confidence to be more free with my makeup wearing brighter colours that I never thought I could pull of years ago to now being known for my lipstick its crazy. When doing makeup its very easy to stay in your little box of what you know so by watching YouTubers, looking and reading beauty bloggers posts it has really made be come out of my shell as try a lot more products, techniques and looks and because of this I feel like I have my own makeup style which is awesome.

So you see questions about makeup doesn't need to be negative, I love makeup I feel like its a craft that I really want to delve more into and grow as possibly a freelance makeup artist, its a passion of mine and I don't think that will ever stop.

Hope this was enlightening and made you think a bit more about what you say on the internet or even in real life because some things can be hurtful whether you mean it to be or not. I also hope you found my tiny Q&A interesting too hehe I really want to do more of them in the future.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pastels Whatever the Weather

Spring is vastly approaching which gets me super excited especially now brands are starting to bring out there spring collections :) so along the lines of Spring I thought I would wear a pastel outfit and as in London no matter if its Summer. winter, spring, autumn there is no telling what weather we will have so I thought I would do an outfit for when its warm and when its cold to fully prepare myself haha.


Jumper: New Look
Jeans: Forever 21
Earrings: New Look
Boots: TK Maxx (no brand)
Lips: MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer (Dare)


Top: Brandy Melville
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Shaboo London
Earrings: New Look
Lips: MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer (Dare)

This makeup look will be up on Saturday so don't you worry :) I really hope you liked the outfits, tell me in the comments whats your spring fashion must have.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Face of the Day: Vampy Lips

Today I felt like wearing all black and usually when I wear all black my makeup either tends to be kind of gothic or I have a bright colourful lip to give it a pop of colour. I chose to have a kind of gothic look to complete my outfit so I went with a vampy lip and a smokey eye, this was the final look.

Eyeshadow: Sleek Eyeshadow palette (iDivine)
Mascara: Essence Lash Princess
Lips: New Cid i pout lipstick (very cherry)
Bronzer: MUA Bronzer (Shade 3)

I hope you liked this look, if you want a video tutorial on it please let me know and I shall do one :) 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Things That Have Helped Decrease My Anxiety

I have suffered from anxiety for about 5 years now however throughout those years my anxiety levels have varied quite a bit. For the past year and a half I have had minimal panic attacks and overall I have felt much calmer and more confident in my own skin which I am so happy about, I laugh a lot more and I feel genuinely like a happy person however I do get the occasional panic when I am in crowded trains or sometimes if I am walking alone on an almost empty street or even just randomly (why body why).

When I panic it does get scary sometimes even though I have had them for a long time its not really something you can get used to. When I panic I feel like I can't breathe, as if my throat is closing up and then because I am not getting enough oxygen my heart starts to beat faster and then my brain instantly starts ringing alarms like dude you are in trouble better panic more because that's definitely going to make matters better. I know it will eventually end but when your in the moment all of that knowledge goes out the window. Sometimes 'I have to tell myself you can breathe, you can breathe there its so much air around you, you can breathe' and then try and take deep breaths until I am okay but I can only do that before my brain takes over into panic mode or sometime after that when I feel like I have more control. After having them for so long I can identify when I am going to panic which is great because I can usually try and get myself out of the situation take deep breaths, have some water, chill for a bit then carry on however there are certain situations that I can't get out of quick enough or occasionally it comes so quickly that I don't have time to prepare. 

As I previously stated my anxiety has calmed down quite a bit during the past year and a half and these are a few things that I felt have helped:

Listening to music has helped me so much, it just calmed me down and allowed me to escape, and sometimes that is just what we need. Every time I listen to music it puts me in a place where thought me does all these incredible things almost like an alter ego but not, its very hard to describe but it almost as though I am in a movie and the song is my soundtrack and I am just doing general things like shopping or meeting up with friends and stuff but I am just so happy, bubbly and confident telling jokes and laughing which at the time I was far from that. This really affected me in real life because I was always thinking why can't I be like that, why can't I be the person I am in my dreams but after a while the bubbly person I was in my thoughts just became who I was in real life. The music genre I listen to is indie music, and the artists I love to listen to are Ben Howard, Daughter, Banks, Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Delilah, Jackson Dyer, Paper Kites just to name a few. I have a whole playlist dedicated to my calming music (click here)  I recommend having it on shuffle.

When you suffering from anxiety it is very easy to distance yourself from friends, family well everyone really and at the time you don't even notice your doing it. If you just want to be alone from time to time thats fine but when its all the time it makes the anxiety worse because you now have lonely thoughts in your head as well at the anxious ones. It is best to surround yourself with people who make you laugh and feel good because it one helps to distract yourself from feeling anxious but two you end up feeling better. I don't think I would have been half the person I am now without my hilarious friends and family to cheer me up, granted even though my mum is one of the funniest people I know and I love her to bits she still refuses to believe that I suffer from anxiety, she thinks I am being a 'drama queen'... for 5 years of my life? but that's okay you don't need peoples approval that you have anxiety nor do you have to tell anyone if you don't want to. Some of my closest friends don't even know, not because I don't trust them but its just not something you can casually bring up in conversation haha and I didn't feel like it was necessary to tell them but that's okay people don't need to know you have anxiety in order to help you, sometimes by just being there and making you laugh is enough :) Another thing that I did was turn to Youtube and blogs which really helped especially watching people like Beauty Crush and Zoella because they are just such positive, lovely, amazing people that inspired me especially Zoe at the time as she started blogging about her anxiety experience so that really gave me the confidence that it will end. Even though I feel much more like I should today my inspirations hasn't stopped, I am always finding amazing YouTubers who inspire me not just to be happy but to live a life worth living and so I couldn't not mention Its My Raye Raye even though I didn't find out about her until last year she is an amazing person who genuinely cares for her subscribers and people in general, she never has a frown she is so positive.

There is never a day I go out of my house without a bottle of water. Water is great for a lot of things yes but when I am a little nervous or feel like I need to clear my head I just drink some water and I then all is fine. Yes this may be a placebo effect but it works for me.

Sometimes introducing some structure or routine into your life might help. I say might because it depends on how you do it. If you have too much of a ridged structure or timed schedule that you know you cannot stick too than it will only make matters worse but if you have a loose general structure to your life than your mood will generally feel less all over the place. Your structure could be your morning or night time routines (this is mine) or the layout of your room or if that's too much the layout of your wardrobe. Your whole life doesn't have to have a structure just one small thing that you know you can handle, I have found having that one thing that I know is in place and is just as it should be just eases my mind that everything is okay and I am in control (not in a creepy controlling way haha) because with anxiety and panic attacks for a brief period of time you lose that control so its reassuring that you haven't lost complete control of your life :) 

After introducing these things into my life I have felt much better in myself and now I have a whole different outtake on my life, making sure that I do things that make me feel happy and that I am passionate about because I wouldn't want to go back to that low point.

I hope this was helpful to some of you reading this whether you suffer from anxiety, know someone who does and don't know how to help or just was curious. I found this quite hard to write because I just didn't know where to start haha but its out now and I am glad I wrote it :) 
Thank you for listening (well reading) my story.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to Work a Red Blazer- 4 outifits

So for this Trend Tuesday I thought I would add some colour as Spring is quickly approaching and in London today the sun actually came out :D, it has been so miserable in London for so long that I stated to wonder if we actually had a sun. So as the beautiful sun was shining my mood instantly lifted and I just felt like colour was the way to go.

Me and this red blazer go way back and have shared some history like getting told off at school for wearing it as it wasn't 'sixth form appropriate' even thought I would totally wear it to work haha, they were acting as if this blazer was the equivalent of the Mocking Jay in the Hunger Games, some kind of act of rebellion. Well a little colour to brighten up dreary lessons and boring work didn't hurt anyone.

Blazer: New Look
Top: Monki
Skirt: New Look

Blazer: New Look
Top: Monki
Skirt: New Look

Blazer: New Look
Top: Monki
Trousers: Krisp

Blazer: New Look
Top: Misguided
Trousers: H&M

Mascara: Essence Lash Princess Mascara
Liner: Illamasqua Precision Liner

Hope you liked these 4 looks :) they are very different from each other I feel so so it shows how much versatility a blazer itself can have :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

No Fuss, I'm in a Rush

Hiya so as I said in Tuesdays Post this Talkative Thursday is going to be a fashion post because my weekend got all messed up so it messed up my schedule unfortunately but it is all cool starting from Saturday things will be back to normal :)

This is a quick and simple OOTD, that keeps me from freezing my butt of this winter (I would obviously pair this with a coat... its kinda cold in London) with little time to prepare, just get ready and go within seconds.

Jumper: New Look
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Some place in Canada (no brand)
Earrings: River Island
Lips: Bobby Brown (orange)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Home-made Manicure

I am so sorry for the late post but my editing software I used to use kept crashing every time I opened it on Saturday so I had to get a new one, as I knew I wasn't going to be able to make a Saturday post I waited till Sunday morning to edit. I edited it really quickly and with no issues which was great however when it came to render it took 12 HOURS!! and on Monday I tried to upload but it took forEVER to process like it was 85% prcossesed for the whole of Monday :/ basically everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and I am sorry. I think I should film and edit on a Friday, may make things a lot easier in the future.

ANYWAY, enough of my ranting lets get on to the post. So in my January Favourites I briefly talked about how I was starting to get into nail care more and so I thought I would talk a bit more in depth about what I was doing as of late. I then thought instead of me just writing it, it might be better and easier for me to show you what I do.

Essence seem to becoming a fast growing name in the beauty community I have been blown away by there mascaras and all of there nail products that I have tried have failed to disappoint. They have been of top quality and they are incredibly affordable. They have all of the essential nail care and design needs and some, I cannot wait to purchase more.

This is a great base coat, it doesn't apply shiny are smooth which is great because that gives your nail vanish something to stick making it last longer. Another reason why I like this base coat is that it dries really quickly, within i a minute it is completely dry which allows for quick nail vanish application. Lastly this base coat stops staining from nail vanish AND removes stains already on your nail to make them whiter and brighter.

This is a great top coat, it does what it says on the tin and makes my nails look like gel nails as it makes them look smooth and shiny without taking abnormally long to dry or being soft. As I am growing out my nails this just makes them look fake and I love that :)

This is a very nice nail vanish remover, it removes my nail vanish quickly and it says to strengthen soft, thin nails which is a must for me as I am trying to get my nails longer and stronger.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of all things nail run down and found this helpful :) again I apologies for the fact that this is taking the place of a fashion post but I will be doing a OOTD on Thursday in place of my Talkative Thursday to make up for it :) The reviews listed here are only for the products I used that I have not already reviewed, the other products were reviewed on my January Favourites post

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Talkative Thursday: Skin Care Products I am Currently Using

So in my January Favourites post I briefly talked about some products that I recently started using on my face, this included some products from the Body Shop Tea Tree line.After finding out the wonders of Tea Tree from buying the Primark oil controlling face wipes which contained Witch Hazel and Tea Tree I totally revised my skin care routine which include all of the products you see below. Please note that I have very oily skin and so the majority of the products listed is to target oils, if you suffer from dry skin some of the products listed would have an adverse effect on your skin however I will say when talking about the product what types of skin this would be good for. So lets begin :)

This product is an exfoliating cleanser, as this is an exfoliate you sure really shouldn't use this everyday because that would be too abrasive on your skin doing you more harm than good, a good period of time is around once every 3 days to a week. I really like this cleansing polish, the beads are really small and there is fewer of them so it is not overly abrasive on my skin which is great. After using this is the shower my face feels very refreshed, tight and most importantly squeaky clean. This is good for normal, oily and combination skin tones. If you have dry skin you will have to put on some moisturizer as soon as possible if you end up using this products as it does strip a little moisture.

This toner is honestly a wonder product, After exfoliating I use this to make sure that all the dirt left in my pores that a cleanser may have missed are completely gone. This is a great toner, it is so soothing on the skin and incredibly refreshing, if almost feels like you are being pampered. This product says to contain an active complex of Aloe Vera (probably why it feels so soothing) and natural plant extracts. This is an incredibly pricey (50 pounds) but I got it discounted to 20 pounds. Don't really know if it is worth 50 pounds because I haven't tried a wide range of toners but all I know is that it makes my skin feel lovely. This is good for all skin types.

I suffer from acne scars, I have them on my cheeks and across my whole forehead so I decided to get something for that. In the past I bought Bio Oil but that just made my skin feel oily (obviously) and so I stopped. After buying this is mid January I have started to see some fading in my blemishes which shows that it does in fact work. This is very moisturising and dries perfectly matte, this was revolutionary for me because i thought that all moisturisers would make me oil up during the day so I would stay clear from them which ended up making it worse because the reason why you produce more oils is to make up for the moisture your skin doesn't have, if that makes any amount of sense. I have been using this as a day moisturiser but only on the areas where there are a lot of acne scars. I do want to invest in the day lotion in the near future. Perfect for oily and combination skin. People with normal and dry skin should stay well away from Tea Tree in general.

 I use this during the day as a moisturiser, this also acts as a very good make up primer however you can put on a primer on top of this if you prefer, I have done this in the past and it worked just as well. This is moisturising and dries completely matte. This product makes your pores look smaller and smaller pores mean less dirt in them meaning less chance for an acne break out. This again is good for blemished skin and great for people with oily and combination skin types. People with normal and dry skin should again stay well away

P.S. Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes:
I talked in a lot of detail about this product in my January Favourites and in the intro to this post so click here to check that out.

I hope a few of you who like me struggle with their oily skin found this enlightening or helpful in any way :) 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Trend Tuesday: Lazy Days... ft Oreo (my cat)

This is just one of those outfits when you are just feeling so cozy in your bed that you don't want to go out anywhere but then the alarm rings telling you to get up for school... basically most of my school days. I have just been in love with over sized hoodies because they are just so warm and act as a portable bed :) I hope you enjoy this very lazy outfit and I personally think that the socks make it. Oh and my feline friend Oreo makes a couple of appearances hehe

Hoodie: Garage
Leggings: H&M
Socks: Garage
Nails: MUA (Steel Blue)

I would pair this with my knee high black boots if I was going outside but hence the title I was feeling lazy today and plus you wouldnt have seen my AWESOME socks if I wore them now would you haha

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Stunning Sunday? January 2015 Favourites

This was meant to be posted yesterday but due to some technical issues with my computer I couldn't edit the video until today but Stunning Sunday still works right?

Any who these are my January favourites, these are all of the products that I have been continuously wearing through out the whole of January so I hope you enjoy.


Natures Bounty Biotin
I am not going to go too in depth in talking about this product because I have done a 10 minute long  review and comparison with another brand of biotin see here but all I will say is that I have been continuing to see progress and in hair length and health ever since using this product. It is a natural nutrient naturally found in fruits, vegetables and nuts which has been put into a capsule. I am not one for taking supplements like Hairfinity because they are artificial made out of mostly chemicals where as this is more natural.

(From left to right)

Essence Gel Nails at Home 3 in one Nail Oil:
I use this after I rub the Sally Hanson Vita Surge Growth Gel into my cuticles. This nail oil helps to seal in all the moisture and nutrients into the cutical helping your nails to grow. Just apply a little to the cuticle using its rollerball end and rub it in.

Bodyshop Hemp Hand Protector:
This is the best hand cream I have ever used EVER. It leaves my hands silky soft for a long period of time, there is not residue left over, it benefits my hands in the long run because even when I am not wearing the hand cream my hands feel a lot softer and as I do a lot of work with my hands during the day as I do DT like subjects in school so I do a lot of sawing, sanding ect this has really helped my hands. This hand cream deserves an award it is that good.

Sally Hansen Vitasurge Growth Gel:
This is a wonderful product I have been using this for about a couple of months now and I have really seen a tremdous difference, I have always struggled with growing my nails in the past, they would always grow to a certain length then brake but now I am experiencing far less breakage and plus my nails are looking and feeling much healthier. 

   P.S. Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes 
This is a cleansing wipe by Primark YES PRIMARK I know, this is 1 pound for two and I did not expect these to be so good. I suffer from extremely oily skin and ever since using this I have not felt abnormally oily through the day. The reason why this works is because it contains Tee Tree and Witch Hazel so if you do not like the sound of it being a product by Primark than get something with Tee Tree or Which Hazel in it and that should help to reduce the oils, i know Body Shop has a tee tree line of which I have recently purchased so I shall update you with how I get on in another post.


Mary Kay Cream Lipstick in (Tanned)
This is a warm brown neutral colour that is perfect for my skin tone, I usually find with neutral colours that they are too light or flat so this one is great because of its warm undertone.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers ( Dare and Kooky)

I have ranted and raved about these since I got them so I am not going to bore you and repeat myself so if you want to see my review on these amazing velvet matte lip laquers then see my review here


(left to right) 

 Natural Collection Nail Vanish (Champagne)
This is a lovely iridescent pink, nice on its own and on top of other nail vanishes as a feature nail. applies and dries very nicely which is hard to find in cheaper nail vanishes 

     MUA Nail Vanish (Moody MinxSteel Blue and Truffle Cream)
Beautiful nail vanishes, they remind me of essie nail vanishes in the way they are packaged, the colours are gorgeous these ones are perfect for winter as they are more toned down. The quality is very good, they are not steaky, the dry very nicely and they do not chip easily (I have had them last a week without chipping)


       MUA Pro-Base Primer
 Great primer, it doesn't interfear with my moisturiser so I don't feel oily when using this, makes my face feel soft, my makeup lasts all day using this, it is clear. It basically ticks all of the boxes that a good primer should.

Sleek Contour Kit (medium)
    A staple of mine from the day I got this, I use it everyday, it really contours my face and defines my cheekbones which without it I do not have. The highlighter isn't too light it is just perfect for my complexion.

      MUA Bronzer (Shade 3)
This warms up my face without me looking orange which is a must this winter because I am looking so pale especially around my cheeks so this makes sure that I don't look ill this winter. I find it hard to find a good bronzer, usually they cater for lighter skin tones so it doesn't show up on my skin so it was a very nice find especially in the highstreet.


(left to right)

Rimmel Lash Accelerator 
I have done a full review on this product see here but this is just a great mascara, it makes your eye lashes look naturally long rather than making them look like you are trying to make them look longer using mascara by coating them 20 times. It has been a staple of mine for about a year now and sadly I must move on and try a new mascara. This mascara will always have a place in my heart.
       Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Liner
Wonderful waterproof liquid liner, it doesn't budge, it looks lovely on and it is very easy to work with. The brush picks up the right about of product and is very easy to work with. The tube looks like it will last me a while wich is great because it was a bit pricey for my liking but well worth it.

 Sleek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette (I Divine)
One of my favourite products, it is great for special effects to create bruises and stuff as well as just being geat for beauty. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, they are easily blendable just an all round great set of eyeshadows especially for winter.

And that is it, those were all of my favourites I hope you enjoyed this post and found some great products to try next month,