Monday, 11 August 2014

Who am I?

Hi :) My name is Kiera and I am a 17yr old  makeup enthusiast from London. I see makeup as an art form and I thoroughly enjoy, seeing the 'final transformation' and knowing that I did that really makes my day.

This will just be a blog where I update you on interesting looks I have done whether it be fashion, hair, makeup or anything else I find interesting. Of course there is lots of beauty bloggers out there but I am not trying to compete I am just going to have fun doing what I am doing and having you guys to join me on my journey (if you want to haha). I hope you enjoy my blog, I am going to make it as interesting as physically possible and I am really excited to start this :D

Some of the work I have done in the past are in my portfolio and instagram so this will give you a little peak into what I like to do and what you will see in the near future:


Instagram: @kiera_babydol1

If you have read all of this CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! haha I kind of rambled on a bit but I thought I would get it all out there now so I won't have to talk so much in my posts later :)

Thank you,

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