Wednesday, 21 June 2017

You Shaved All Your Long Healthy Hair Off?!? WHYY!!!!

So yes I've done it. As of June 5th I am now your resident bald blogger... that's right bald.
Many of you maybe confused for many reasons and probably asking yourself questions along the lines of 'She ghosts the blogging world for a year and this happened!', 'Am I meant to know who she is' and lastly 'Why Kiera Why?!?'. Well the answers to your riveting questions that I have just imagined up to myself are yeah kinda, nah not really and okay let me explain.

 My hair was bra strap length in 2016

This was taken before I straightened my hair in the previous photo... shrinkage!

Day after I shaved my head, I wasn't receding its the filter i promise

So I shaved all my for many reasons, I don't think one person can make such a drastic decision based on solely one reason. My first important reason was due to the worlds irritating fixation on hair especially towards women. Now I promise this isn't going to be a huge feminist rant but it does play a significant role as to why I did the chop. Now in the social media loving society we live in people have started to become more and more judgmental, setting standards for people they have never met and for what cause? In todays day and age if you don't have a big booty, cleavage or long flowing locks than your not desirable, well now I don't have any of the above so what does that make me? Am I less of a woman because I have no hair? Why? My face is still the same, my personality is still the same, my intellect is still the same so why all of a sudden has my worth gone down? Why does something as insignificant as dead follicles on top of my head have such a drastic impact in my value as a person. I just don't get it. So I shaved it all off to prove that I am more than my hair.

Cut my hair 1 month before shaving it off

Another reason as to why I shaved it all off ( a less dramatic reason haha) is because I thought it would be interesting to see my hair grow from nothing to something. I thought it would be such an amazing experience to see my hair's weekly progress and change my style accordingly whether it be hair style or with my makeup and fashion. Before I shaved my hair I don't think I appreciated my hair enough, when I started my natural hair journey yes I experimented with different styles however I didn't get as excited by it like I do now. The feeling I get every week when I see growth is indescribable, so in order to convey my new found excitement I thought I would document it like a little hair diary showing my hair progress monthly on my blog and weekly on my YouTube channel. In my hair diary I will be testing out different growth techniques and seeing if they actually work, I will also be doing style videos and showing how my look is changing depending on my growth stage etc.I don't think I've ever been so excited by a project haha

Taken 1 week after shaving my hair off

If you want to know more information about my experience cutting my hair (personal thoughts, barber experience) as well as channel plans then watch my video all about it below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly content and follow my blog on Bloglovin for monthly growth updates.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's Time For A Change

Well its been a while since I have been regularly posting on here and I must say I have missed it. Honestly the reason I stopped is because I got uninspired, I felt that my content wasn't what I enjoyed writing about anymore and in order to not fake my way through the chore of writing something I no longer enjoyed I stopped to re think where I felt the future of my blog is going. It poses the question most employers ask that makes you rethink your whole existence... 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' Do I still see myself writing beauty reviews for views? Giving tips to problems I don't fully understand? Mimicking the basic blogger formula to success? Because if you think about it what's the point. The realisation that most of the blogs I read are starting to look the same, sound the same, be the same scares me as I don't want to fall in to that hole. So I decided to dig a little deeper and figure out what I like, what inspires me, what fills me with absolute comfort and satisfaction that would never grow tired. So I stopped blogging and decided to live my life not through anyone elses lens but my own, my own mind, my own space and truly explore and discover the world I live in. By doing so I realised I'm a curious mind; I love to travel, explore, find new places, experience new things, meet new people. It's what makes me happy. Not only has this experience opened my eyes to parts about me I didn't realise but it has also cemented traits I already new i.e my love for fashion and makeup, the ability to change my look on a daily basis to reflect my mood and personality is a powerful thing.

So I have decided to cleanse my blog, I changed its name, its URL to a name I deemed more appropriate and from this day forth I will be starting a new series of blog posts that I am very excited to share.

Thank you for all of you that stayed during my hiatus and to all of you new people to come I hope you enjoy my new content.


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Blog Lovin

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Minimal Makeup Routine

 Back with an actual video after a year of putting it off and I must say uploading it gave me a great feeling.
Glossier is a modern beauty brand that believes beauty should be fun, easy and personal. For those of you unfamiliar with Glossier I definitely suggest checking out their beauty products, they have lots of great products including their Milk Jelly Cleanser which I haven't heard of another company do so I am very intrigued about that. Inspired by this today I am sharing all of my secrets to achieving my minimal makeup look including my current skincare regime. Glossier's motto is 'Skin First, Makeup, Second Smile Always and that is a motto I like to live by. In this video I will be showing how little makeup can be used to enhance your special features rather then as tool to hide under. Hopefully this video can help out a lot of you struggling to gain confidence with the natural you, those of you hiding behind your makeup masks or even those of you who are not a fan of wearing too much makeup (like moi). Self confidence is a powerful thing and to think it just starts with a smile :)


     Body Shop Vitimin C Facial Cleansing Polish

     Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

     Kleem Organics Vitimin C Serum 

     Bio Oil

     Body Shop Seaweed Day Cream

    Balmi Roseberry Lip Balm


   Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in Mmm

  Armani Blush in Twirl (no longer sold)

  Essence Lash Princess Mascara

  Sleek Ultra Mattes Palette in Dark

Sunday, 22 November 2015

fLash Lash Growth Challenge

 Yeah I've been gone a while, as any of you guys applying for uni as well November is a very stressful period so I thought I would take a little hiatus.

Now if you have read my fLash Initial Review you would know that I had been challenged to use these lash growth serum for 12 weeks, if you haven't  I suggest you do so you can properly see my before photos. I can now say that it in fact really works!

I started to see a significant difference in length after 6 weeks with my outer lashes, after 8 weeks I started to notice it throughout. After finishing the 12 weeks I found that not only did my lashes grow they also curled a lot more which I was very happy about. If you are thinking of using it don't be discouraged by the fact that it took me 6 weeks to really notice any change, this could be down to the fact that I had long lashes to begin with so I couldn't really distinguish whether it was my original length or not.

I noticed my lash growth with mascara on before I saw it natural as I had to change my mascara technique to work with my new longer, curlier lashes. On the left I am wearing one coat of mascara and on the right I am wearing two, this is so you can see the max length I am able to get. I am so impressed with how they look with mascara on, they look false which is what I was hoping for.

 (Left: one coat of mascara, Right: two coats of mascara)

Overall I can proudly say this works wonders and I recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their lashes. If you would like to get it their website has launched! I know very exciting. It costs $45, I know it may seem a little pricey but for the results its definitely worth it. Follow fLash on their TwitterInstagram and Facebook to see other peoples reviews. If you have tried it tweet me a picture, I would love to see your lash growth journey.